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Apparently yes. I don’t remember where I saw it, but all the “mana damage” was multiplied by 256 due to a bug. This stayed in the game for many years. Looks like it was finally fixed

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maybe it is April 1 2023 ?

They didn’t make The Hole Lvl 85. Oh man. Well the Arachnid Lair will work. But I set up a game in single player where The Hole and the Tower were both next to the Waypoint in anticipation of that change. Feels bad, man.


That said, it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle to create another game where the Tower is next to the waypoint in the Black Marsh and the Underground Passage is near either the Stony field waypoint or the Dark Woods. That’ll work just the same.

Yes this is an age old bug… mana drain on range attacks worked properly but when applied by melee would be multiplied by 256. It’s just a mistake in the math somewhere. Lets see.

HOWEVER it is also one of those things that punishes you for face tanking that extra fast fanaticism mana burn mob.

It should not make ES the armor of choice for pvm sorcs. It’s not like they are in need of any help.

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Good. It’s in a better place now. You need a lot of gg gear to make it work for endgame farming, effectively. It’s a trophy build.

Hypeeeee. Looks like mana burn bug was fixed and they also fixed WW lock?

Yeah, that’s fine… But I still think they should have flipped the synergy bonuses to gate the damage early on. Putting the ‘big’ synergy bonus on Salvation for all three auras would make it more feasible to run a Zeal build utilizing two or three of the offensive auras.

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Whirlwind addrssed! Leap attack dmg radius scales per level! Blade Fury AR +10% per level! I’m gona expload! this is so good! :smiley:

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A couple changes. My bad. Bugs and performance.

Those dates…… lol.

Dates updated.

Gimme gimme

  • When targeting an enemy with Whirlwind, the Barbarian will move to the initial position of the enemy - it will not track them as they move
  • Whirlwind will be performed even when targeting adjacent enemies (used to perform a basic attack)

Best part of the patch. Tho i dont think that fix whirl wind bigest problem, thats good to see some improvement


What? Link me that info i never seen these.

New Feature - Legacy Graphics Emulation

‘Glide’ emulates the hardware accelerated backend of the original legacy game with bilinear filtering

this seems to be new too



Document updated for proper time and date releases. The ladder will release simultaneously world wide at 5pm Pacific on Thursday April 28th. Obviously if you don’t live on the west coast of the US, you will have to adjust for your time zone and date.

Ladder Launch Timing:

North America April 28 at 5PM PDT
Europe April 29 at 2AM CEST
Asia April 29 at 9AM KST

My version that I think I got right.

Date Time
Pacific (LA) Thurs April 28th 5pm
Central (Chicago) Thurs April 28th 7pm
Eastern (NY) Thurs April 28th 8pm
CEST (Paris) Fri April 29th 2am
KST (Seoul) Fri April 29th 9am
Sidney, AUS Fri April 29th 10am

Reference tool for anyone who needs to convert to a different time and date.


Called it!


Game lobby fix is missing? It was on PTR so we can see more games. Very important.

Area85 elite density info is missing.


It’s time, my body is ready.


Yeah, hopefully this is gonna be implemented, but they forgot to put it in the notes.


If it will not be ladder start will be failure.

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Europe April 29 at 2AM CEST

I hoped this was not the case.
2 at night is so crap imo…
always been this way in Ladder reset. i hoped they would not use the same times in D2R