Diablo II (Classic) Ladder Reset - December 10th - 3pm PT

Greetings all !

We will be resetting the ladder for Diablo II (Classic) on December 10th at 3pm PT. Please note this is for the Classic/Legacy client and NOT for the Resurrected Client. We will have more information soon on Ladder start for D2R.

We expect downtime to be for a few hours.



hey manager

still, we got a problem

check it classic standard server

“Connection has been lost” this message,

Duped items when upgrading a rare item, the room disappears with the message “Connection has been lost”.
At this time, all IP rooms with the same room will disappear together.

cant play the game plz check


This is a bug report of the current classic Asia standard server.

Duped items when upgrading a rare item, the room disappears with the message “Connection has been lost”.
At this time, all IP rooms with the same room will disappear together.
original standard, expansion standard,
Hardcore Original Standard, Hardcore expansion Standard
The same symptoms appear in the same IP room, no matter what.
(The room disappears momentarily)

After that, the character is also a helper and the game becomes unavailable for about 15 minutes.

The most important problem is that some users intentionally do this using this method.

So I hope you can fix this bug quickly.

Independance would also be welcome on Warcraft III … as nothing more is done on Reforged, the old client could be put back as it has still more features…

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Hey just so you know, this is a huge slap in the face to all of your customers that bought D2R and were promised more frequent ladder seasons with the new game! Cheers.


D2R is an independent game. What’s the point in having a D2R Ladder if the game still has server issues etc?


I hope to get more than 3 days notice before ladder for d2r… so you can plan maybe taking days off work etc…

Gonna have to pass on this one, two games I was very much looking forward to just released, but good luck for all who will try another ladder. Also, hope the issues on the Asia server get sorted out.

Sweet, thank you! Time to vacuum out my fans.


Kind of confusing to call legacy diablo " classic" as classic diablo is the mode we play that’s not Lord of Destruction ( expansion). Also plz expand the classic stash in d2r. legacy has no character limits so the 4 x 6 stash problem is solved by making more mules , but that is not possible in D2R, with the 20 character limit. thank you very much for your consideration, please help. . . . we have classic /expansion in legacy and D2R.

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When you plan ladder on D2R?

A criticism I agree with, this is the legacy D2 forum but a lot of people come here to talk about the classic mode in D2R, through an understandable confusion. This isn’t helpful because D2R devs are very unlikely to be paying attention to this particular forum, thus your complaints may go unheard.

I think this forum should be renamed to Diablo II (Legacy) or even Diablo II (2000) as it was when it was a sub forum of the D3 forum.

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Thank you!

Are you planning to add some of the bug fixes and fetures in D2 (Classic) same as u did on D2R client ?

I heard there are no penalty for killing hell cow king in D2R.
hope same setting to be applied

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Cow King kill does lockout cow level. Hence they especially mentioned it. Also, if you take the waypoint to Nilathak the red portal from Anya (to pindle skin) will close.

Blizz when ur up the servers???

How on Earth does it take anything more than 15 minutes to reset a 20+ year old game? lol

Jussayin… Y’all are better than that. So are your customers.

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