Diablo Clone/Uber Diablo chat announcement bugs

The first bug: Is it intended that you receive the “Terror” messages in single player if you’re not summoning him yourself? Like “Terror approaches Sanctuary.”, “Diablo has invaded Sanctuary!”, etc. all show up even if I’m not selling any SoJs myself. Dclone doesn’t actually spawn in my single player game either.

I was wondering if this might be intentional in case you have any Bnet characters and you want to quickly login to get Dclone, but if that’s the case then it seems rather clunky and should have an option for announcements to be disabled in single player.

The second bug: All three of the “Terror” messages are announced simultaneously without a pause between them, like this:

“Terror approaches Sanctuary.”
“Terror begins to form within Sanctuary.”
“Terror spreads across Sanctuary.”

I think only one of the quotes is intended to be announced for whichever threshold has been reached, not all three at once.