Diablo 2 Resurrected not launching?

I have tired everything i can think of to reinstalling - updating drivers. I can’t get Diablo 2 resurrected to launch. When i press play it then says “playing” then i just stops and it goes back to play? I would really like more help with this problem.

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Same. I can´t get Diablo 2 resurrected to launch.

I’ve been having the same issue for months. I’ve posted before and no one from Blizzard has been addressing the issue.

yo juego en el sistema operativo linux mint 21.3, segun los requisitos minimos parece que no puedo jugar, tengo 8gb de ram y una nvidia 920m de 2 gb

It would be great if we received a response from staff.

I just bought the game with the current sale and im in the Same boat, Play > Launching > Now Playing > Back to PLAY, never does anything.

My game also will not launch. Great to see no help.

I have same problem already 2 days
I just bought ps5 version of the game but still can’t join Battle.net servers
I changed my Internet provider solely because of Diablo IV, cuz I had a high ping and the game often crashed
Now I’ve bought Diablo 2 and I can’t even log in

Blizzard, are you seriously?
Do you have no respect for your fans at all?