Diablo 2 (Classic) Log-in Hang Bug (Account Password "Please Wait")

UPDATE: 7/8/2022

No response. No help. All account actions freeze and disconnect me from battle.net.

UPDATE: 06/26/2022

No update. The situation remains the same. Ignored.

UPDATE: 06/23/2022

No resolution yet. Same problem. Account password not working. When trying to log in, the behavior is the same. Account goes into “please wait” then fails with password incorrect. Can’t reset password, email recovery not working.

I’m in limbo.

Likely going to lose this account. Wish there was a resolution or some reason why the account is stuck.

One of my Diablo 2 Accounts (US West) is stuck while trying to log in. Basically, I type my password, and the account gets stuck in “please wait”. Then after a short period of time, it says the password is incorrect. I try to reset the password, but the process hangs and then disconnects me from battle.net. I tried a password reset via my registered email but nothing comes through - nothing in spam either. I tried another account and all these features work. Only this account has the problem.

I have other accounts on the same computer that work perfectly fine. I have had friends try to log in to this trouble account and they also experience the same behavior. So this is not a computer-related issue. So I waited for the recent server reset to see if it fixed the issue and it did not. The account has been like this for about 2 months now. 1 more month and the account will expire.

I opened a ticket with Blizzard Technical support and they could not resolve the problem.

Here was their response,


Technical Specialist Ekield here. Thanks for testing that and confirming for us.

We have tried refreshing your IP address and both D2 and LOD CD keys on Battle.net. This is the extent of what Customer Support can do for Diablo 2. We do not have a way to refresh individual accounts or investigate what might be causing a single account to get stuck logging in.

Our support for classic Diablo 2 is very limited.

Since Diablo 2 accounts last for 90 days after the last log in, if it hasn’t been 90 days since you last accessed this account then it should still be valid. It sounds like maybe there is something on the server side blocking access to the account, or the account data is corrupted somehow, but unfortunately we have no way to verify this with the limited tools that we have.

Hopefully this is something that is only temporary that may clear up with the next Diablo II server restarts."

So they were not able to help me. But they asked that I report this problem in the forum as a bug. So that’s what I am doing. Hopefully someone can figure this out so it does not happen to other people.


My name is Tech Specialist Game Master Thomas M. We do hope this is resolved soon. We ask you take the time to report this for the Development teams. Hand hope they get it fixed quickly, Reporting a Bug - Blizzard Support

Thanks for giving us a chance to work with you.

Good luck figuring this out whoever looks into it!

Did you manage to find a solution for this? as i have the same problem now.

Hey guys, same issue here with Europe servers.

No response. No help. All account actions freeze and disconnect me from battle.net.

Same here, 2 out of 4 accounts freeze and disconnect on a “password is incorrect” error, 1 complains about server being unreachable, and 1 either disconnects on a incorrect password error most of the time or connects but won’t let me create a game.

No update. The situation remains the same. Ignored.

I wanted to open a ticket, but seing how Blizzard replied to your querry, I think I was right to spare myself the hassle.

Hopefully this is something that is only temporary that may clear up with the next Diablo II server restarts.

I’m just surprised they didn’t suggest prayers or voodoo.

A couple of days ago Europe servers were acting up, it lasted for most of last week but they finally came back online. It didn’t last long though. Sometimes I wish Blizzard would close legacy Diablo 2 for good, if they are unable to provide the most basic maintenance for it.

Same here, several accounts of mine are inaccessible now. That might be the final nail in the coffin.

The same issue here for Europe servers. Hope they notice it and know what to do

For all those who cannot connect to the Europe Gateway…

The issue was reported both on the Americas region and Europe region Classic Games Tech Support forums (see links below). So far, there is one reply from Blizzard – it’s on the Europe region forums… around 10:30 AM BST.

Americas region Classic Games Tech Support forum:

Europe region Classic Games Tech Support forum:

Reply by Blizzard:

Hang tight… hopefully, Blizzard can figure out what’s wrong… and then work towards fixing the game.

It seems to be fixed… try it now !