D2R Patch 2.5: The Most Braindead Non-Sense Ever Devised

Bud, you should look up sarcasm and click on your own profile some time.


His mental health is showing lmaooo

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Never heard anybody come up with such a dim witted idea like mandatory charm to break immunes lol

People came up with smart ways to replace immunity with better challenging systems

This is taking the intent of the community and executing it as somebody who doesn’t know the game


Literally who?


Hey guys, I felt left out… can I say something ? I am in and from monitoring woogie is available

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I don’t mind granting a way to break immunities. I felt we needed more ways. But make them FUN ways.

Here is a thread on the fun way to make it so players can circumvent immunities:

My disappointment is immense - PTR Feedback - Diablo 2 Resurrected Forums (blizzard.com)

This is crossing the line into trolling/flaming for me. particularly this little gem:

It’s just inappropriate for this kind of attitude to exist in a video game where the goal is to have fun!


Playing in 2001, maybe a month in 2008, then D2R doesn’t qualify you.

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Report me, get me banned. The game died today anyways.

9/15/22, blizzard took down Diablo 2.


I started playing this game when I was 32… back in 2000.
I later lost interest, got busy, whatever, and as a result let my characters idle too long, and they were deleted.
I randomly decided to pick the game up again, logged into D2 only to find the lobby’s literally empty.
Quick search told me D2r had just been released.
I picked up D2r, and, since everything was new, made a new account… partly because the e-mail address I had 20 years ago has long since been abandoned, partly because, hey it’s a new start…so…
I’m sure I’m not the only old dude/vet to create a new account when d2r was released.


You really do need to remember, Activision picked their 5 most braindead programmers to work on this game. They have absolutely no clue how anything works. PvP, PvM, Charms, Space, Character limits etc. Not only that, but they trusted the feedback of a largely noob playerbase thinking that hdins were really that OP, sure maybe in HC they’re pretty top but in SC they’re not nearly as great as people think. There are a bunch of people who have never seen a high rune, who were now playing with an end game character crying because it was so easy. They were comparing it to their tribrid sigon wearing bone/summon/psn necro that hit none of the breakpoints in the game.

But oh well this is the new meta, time to figure out how to abuse it.


Good god, this is poetry .

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I’m about to release a book of poems on this forum.

They literally have monkeys working on this game idiots.


Sorcs can mill literally every mob now, any just need to overstack a little resistance to have no downside.

Meanwhile, melee chars lose 25% dr they have no real of mitigating.

The rich richer, the poor destitute.

What happened to just nerf8ng hammerdins? Jesus


oh boy is possible to stack these charm ?
wow diablo2 is a 1 click clean map game now lol

i hope is only the negative bonus that stack
anyway this is just so bad


they didn’t nerf hdins, they just put every build on par. kinda a wierd choice, considering now instead of Hdins being too strong, every build is too strong; particularly sorcs.

They’ll have to implement harder content. I’m sure that’s on the agenda.

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if i understand very well

the dev balance anything every build have the same balance gap mean op build are just way more op and other build will need to work around these charm too min max , sadly already op build will just steam roll everything in 1 click

It was either one of the dev’s, the waitress or the bartender that came up with the idea.
I do expect one of the dev’s though, the waitress and the bartender were sober when this idea slipped out of the crack accompanied with a foul smell.
The descission was made by the dice.
The other options were:
1 The barbarian will only wear his pants on his head.
2 The amazon will only shoot lightning from her behind.
3 Buffing whirlwind by giving it 10% more damage and reducing the max attacks per second by 50%.
4 Renaming the sorceress spell Blizzard to Activision Blizzard Inc.
5 Asking Wyatt Cheng if he can get D2r to work on a phone.

Alas the dice rolled six, I was rooting for 2.

Of course afterwards there was much laughter and another round of shots.


Made me laugh