Crescent Moon in claws

Please, Blizzard, make it happen! It would be so cool for the Claws of Thunder assassin! Super compliment to a lighting sunder charm! Very fast and small change will increase the power of this build a ton!

All assassin fanatics want this!


+1 we need more claw rw in general but cm would be awesome too on claws or even lawbringer

Make clawsins great again!


I also would love doom for claws with a blades of ice build. Martial arts has so much potential for crazy and cool builds.

What, Pattern wasn’t good enough for you? :rofl:

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There’s no 5os claws available, so even if doom is available for claws, you wont be able to make it anyways.

Cresent moon on the other hand require 3os only, so it would be very possible

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Would be pretty neat!

Please upvote this. It is super easy and fast change. Also very possible to see it in the next patch if there’s interest from the players

I’d love to see something like this aswell but this particular runeword would be too overpowered. The chance to cast static on striking with dual claw is 14%. With IAS breakpoint and -90%~ resist (griffon’s eye) this can be ridiculously overpowered.

-35% counts per weapon, you’d have -60% in total. Nothing would be overpowered there by the way. And 14% chance to cast static is nothing compared to 20% chance to cast static from schaefer’s hammer or 15% from stormlash.

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People don’t realize that we already have a lot of so-called overpowered builds for the other classes, but strangely enough they don’t call them so. Sorcs and paladins are ridiculously overpowered classes, all their builds are over performing all assassin builds (not to mention the sad situation the barbs are in). This change will boost Claws of thunder builds and even that will not be able to put assassins in the same league with the overpowered classes like sorcs, paladins and javazonsm which can easily clear P8 everything. Just to mention that assassins and barbarians do not have S-tier builds in 2.4 compared to other classes. In best case scenario they have A-tier niche builds.

having - resist on the offhand actually does stack, so it is -90% light resistance. But even then, I still agree its not overpowered in the slightest. It needs help

lots of things hold back the dps:

  • gotta charge up, which brings in attack rating, enemy defense and your level into play
  • some times your lightning deals next to zero dmg, which is a big deal with charges
  • all of the lightning sin skills have Next Hit Delay, limiting dps even more

and like Odalist was saying, compared to Sorc, Java, and Pally light dmg, ours is pitiful. It can clear the game which is fun, but it needs some help. Some tweaks to the skills mechanics, like upping the min dmg, and removing NHD on the nova at the very least will help a ton, and items like crescent moon will as well.