Corpse Explosion vs flayer shaman's corpse

please fix this issue as it is clearly a bug
corpse explosion cannot be used on Flayer Shaman’s (and similar monsters…) “first dropped body” or “dropped demon which was standing on another one” or “top demon”

encountering flayer shaman, killed shaman and the one guy dropped from another cannot be exploded to kill the bottom guy, one bottom guy is killed, its corpse could be exploded

does not matter if boss or not.

like the spell, but i am only sorry there is least one single corpse that cannot be exploded

i get point that i cannot explode for example Diablo’s corpse etc, but this regular mob ?

I have never noticed that, in all my time in D2…
There’s usually so many flayers around the shaman, and they usually die first, I guess Ive always just gone for their corpses haha