Conviction Aura Range

Hello, i have question how dragondin works with conviction aura? I mean holy fire aura melts everything in 33 yards, but conviction aura max range is 13,3 yards ? So for immune monsters i need to get close ? 13 yards is close for auradin i think, why it dont get range like other offensive auras like 20-30 yards ? Same thing in FOTH build, it have nice range but conviction only 13 yards so still for immune monster i need to get closer ?

Relatively close, yes. Unless you want to use a sunder charm.
I think that conviction is the only aura, which has a fixed radius, so you can’t increase it

Conviction has a fixed radius of 13.3 yards but its not the only aura or skill to have a fixed radius. Redemption is locked at 10.6 yards. So is the Sorceress Thunder Storm skill at 11.3 yards(and her Nova skills don’t travel very far either). Conviction’s radius isn’t a problem for Fire Druids as Armageddon is locked at a radius of 5.3 yards. Decrepify curse is locked at 4 yards so affecting gobs of enemies requires multiple casts.

TLDR: Its not the only skill set to a fixed radius but the primary reason why is due to how strong the aura happens to be. It lowers the Defense and FCL Resistance of all affected Enemies(latter of which has Immunity/Sunder Charm variable). Given that Sunder Charms don’t have that limitation and Conviction only works at 1/5th effectiveness in that situation, the aura’s radius really isn’t an issue as I see it.