Consider balancing shapeshift for not being able to cast teleport

Hi, it would be great in my opinion to give the shapeshift druid a drastic bonus to faster run/walk speed to compensate to not being able to cast teleport in pvp and pve.
My idea is to rework the werewolf skill and give it at least a +80-100% frw at lvl 20. The same way for the werebear skill by reworking it with a bonus of +50-70% frw at lvl 20

I had the same idea a while ago. But i would add 30 frw to Werewolf skill and 20 cb to Werebear skill. And then i would simpy enable Teleport in shapeshifted form on top of that, because why not.

I think just allow teleport when in wolf or bear form.
You can never stack enough frw to keep up with teleport. So balancing with regards to movement speed is always going to fall short and make little difference. Surely it’s just as easy to allow teleport as it is to add frw into the skills?

As above I don’t think this does much, I think hustle runeword has shown us this.
if we had to settle for frw instead of the teleport change it should be as efrw, much like what you get for BoS on the assassin. At least then it wouldn’t be subject to the diminishing returns frw has.
I’d rather them fix wearbear attack frames and return shockwave back to the damage it did before they ‘fixed’ it.

Yes, in this case FRW from skill won’t be subject to the same diminishing returns as Item_FRW. Exactly like Frenzy speed, Burst of speed and Vigor…
And yes in this case you would be able to keep up with teleport by stacking FRW