*** CLOSED--> NLSC - Get your Grand Charms here!

Grand A55:
Shadow /w 35 Life Offer (Useful for PvP??)
Shadow pGEMS
Martial Arts pGEMS [SOLD to Chris]
2x Traps MAL [Sold to Grim]
Traps /w FRW Offer [SOLD]

Barb Grand:
Masteries /w 34 Life Offer [SOLD to WowBanger]
2x Combat Skills pGEMS

Druid Grand:
1x Summoning PGEMS
2x Elemental MAL
3x Shape Shifting MAL

Pally Grand:
Offensive /w 32 Life Offer [Sold to Fierce]
3x Offensive UM+PUL [Sold to Fierce]
Defensive /w 8 Life
Combat Skills VEX
Combat Skills /w 26 Life [SOLD to Fierce]

Sorc Grand:
5x Cold Skillers VEX [SOLD]
Fire Skiller /w 14 Life MAL [SOLD to Beanie]
2x Fire Skillers UM

10max/ 67AR / 7-11 Fire Dmg
10max / 53AR
9max / 51AR / 23 Life [SOLD to Fierce]
38 Gheeds

Lem for Barb Mastery charm.

Come get some boys (and girls)!

I would like the Martial arts one for Pgems


If you happen to have the helmet Vampire gaze I will trade a 1st rune for it

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I have a vamp gaze for trade if OP doesnt.

Can do!
What’s a fair amount? 15 work?

I’ve got a 2 available, a 19DR (IST) and a 20DR (2IST+MAL)

sounds good Jkho i’ll take the 19

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i tried to avoid them…but i can no longer. 2x ohm, vex, ist for the lot?

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Bargain for you, we’ll trade later tonight… roughly 8hrs?
Add me jkho#6785

solid, let’s do it… ~8hrs ok?
HMU on chat around then :v:

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2 ist’s and a mal for these

MA reserved for my mate Christopher above.

Shadow and traps are available though!

  • Traps FRW not more valuable?

EDIT - updated OP

Is that too low for a 34 Lifer?
I’ll need to look up prices tonight

they might be…not sure on the price of GC’s …that is my offer on the charms. MA GC excluded

yah might be, going off an old list.
what do you think you’d accept for it?

  1. Wanna do 3IST + MAL + 10Pgems?
  2. Were you interested in the Shadow 35 Lifer too?

Does 20Pgems work for you?

I am in game right now JKHO

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Thx for the trade bro :slight_smile:

Thanks for the trades Jkho =)

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Yes that works. I’ll be on in a couple hours.

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