Cloak of Shadows VS. Resistant Monsters

Hello mates,

the assasin ability “Cloack of Shadows” reduces the enemies defense. I wondered wether a high leveled skill can even reduce the elemental resistance, i.e. against light or fire?

Does anybody knows about this topic? I did not find valuable information, besides a -72% defence reduction on level 20.

-res would be cool.

the main problem with cloack of shadows is the skill itself. it’s best not to waste a lot of points (as little as possible) on this skill as it will also increase its cooldown.

i personally put 1 skill point in it because anything else would make the skill useless if i have to wait 1 minute or longer for the skill to be used again.

cast - kill enemy - next group of enemies - cast again - etc.

with several skillpoints in it

cast - kill enemy - next group of enemies - cooldown - next group of enemies - cooldown…

assa needs in generall more love from devs. i would say the worst class in the game but i love her… :frowning:

Far from the worst but her MA tree is extra bad.