Cloak of shadows needs to affect bosses

If battle cry can why cant cloak of shadows? Having abilities not be able to affect bosses just means those abilities will never be used. Let me lower the defense of bosses so I dont have to stress as much about getting insane AR.

No it doesn’t, it never did and guess what?

No one ever usede cloak outside of pvp anyway.
Unless they changed it, it was never really anything to bother with.

ähm… wrong ?
is use it all the time in hell ? its very useful esp. against Monsters? just a one point wonder but i use it very often.

and what to do against phys immunes as kicksin ? i love kicksin but i love bladesin too and my problems with phys immunes are massive… :frowning:
i think phoenix sin is a very nice idea. im on my way to hell atm :slight_smile: will see how it works.
assassin is my favourite class. great variaty from melee to caster, utility and pets. <3 And no need for Keys <3.
But its of course no class for lazy players or those who want to rush through the enemys with one click^^ no hate. just my opinion

Just make a lawbringer. You only need a lem. For my bladesin I use a lawbringer in a crystalsword and reaper toll for act2 Merc.

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i will take a look. :slight_smile: thx

You can build her as a hybrid blade kicksin. I maxed all blade skills and dragon tail. But you need the gear and you should reach max Block. I use phoenix and Forti. as weapon, 1slot lacerator and 2slot azurewrath, no more immunes, +Merc with reapers toll. And with this setup everything who isn’t fire or physical immune is 1 shot. I like to farm in nilathaks dungeon (1st and 2. Floor) it makes so much fun to Tele kick in the group and 1 shot them with dragon tail.

nice suggestions but you own stuff that i never will find ^^ (hc solo self found)
atm i play as phoenix kick-sin (phoenix, lightning claws, fire claws, max dragon talon) with one claw and maybe i switch later to 2 claws and block. lot of fun right now. hell ? dunno^^ im lvl 65 in act 5 nightmare. :slight_smile:
dragon tail sounds funny =)

assassin offers rly some cool builds. i like that char :slight_smile:
and i dont need keys anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the main problem about CS is that it might be tagged as a “blind” effect and thats why it didnt affect bosses. If the -x% defense was a separeted debuff it could and should affect bosses like all the curses does. I hope they look forward on a fix for CS to make the -x% defense affect bosses.
Also would be awesome of CS could be used all the time instead of the need to wait the bonus to fade, it just could override the previous buff because theres times when we use CS and we kill all the enemies around and move on and we need another use on next area and we just cant.

Ps. I use CS all the time against archers and casters to not get hit and to make my hire lives longer.