Cloak of Shadows Defense Calculation

Does any one know what this change was?

“Fixed an issue where Cloak of Shadows defense calculation was incorrect.”
In bug fixes here - Diablo II: Resurrected Patch 2.4 Balance PTR | Has Ended — Diablo II: Resurrected — Blizzard News

I cant find any change(in PVP at least) to either the increase in defense to assassin, or lowering opponent defense (which still only lowers XX% of their total +XX% enhanced defense, not lowers a % of overall final defense like amazons insight does.)

ie, a paladin with 500% enhanced defense and 10,000 defense total being hit with 75% reduction cloak of shadows results in a paladin with 425% enhanced defense. Where as a paladin with 10,000 defense and 500% enhanced defense hit with zons insight at 75% results in 2500 defense.

Anyways, thats what I was hoping they were fixing but can find no change.

The bug was that Cloak of Shadows applied -95% enemy defense even at level 1, it’s only supposed to scale up to -95% ED when you have a lot of points in it.

That’s also not a bug about Cloak of Shadows affecting defense differently. Inner Sight works by reducing the base defense before any enhanced defense%, meaning it’s very effective against classes with high ED% like paladins or barbarians. CoS reduces ED% which just subtracts ED% from Holy Shield/Shout/Iron Skin, making it much less effective.

We can only hope CoS will be changed its -def is useless for PvP and this would really help to no longer need Fools claws for PvP all the time.