Character ordering on the select screen

Before January I played on my older PC and the character selector showed me the recently used characters properly, even when I logged out.

Since early January playing on my new PC the ordering changed to - I think - the creation date of each chars. My very first character is a Druid that is now in Non-Ladder and I have not played with it for quite some time now. The newly created Ladder Sorc is always at the bottom of the list, and I can only see her at the top until I log out of the game and close the BNet client.

Has something changed or is this a bug? On my new PC I installed a brand new version of the game, but now it is on a different drive than it was on my old PC. Can this be a reason why the ordering is messed up?

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Not sure, it is still ordering characters based on last use for me and I am also on PC

I am a developer and this is why my first and only guess is that the difference could be in the drive letters. On my old PC the game was installed onto my C drive, but on my new PC it is now installed on drive D. I did not copy-paste any files, so I dont really see how things like file cache could cause this problem. Also, I am running everything in admin mode.

I had a lap top when I first installed D2r.
Characters stacked by last one played.
I bought a new PC, and installed the game…
Characters stacked in no determinable order.
Laptop continued to show order by last played… ?
Over time, the PC has become my more used rig.
Now, PC shows characters in last used order.
Laptop shows then all jambled up.

Also, every time I log onto game on laptop my hot keys are all messed up… have to reset them every time… then I log into my PC, and, hotkeys are normal/as-assigned.
(in game “menu’s… you know, escape/options…” they never change, but actual key assigned gets altered somehow).

So odd.
2 computers, 1 account…
This is a weekly observation/occurrence… wife works from home 1 day a week, and on that day, when I get home from work, I fire up the laptop as she is using the office/PC.
Thought I better clarify before the accusations of multi-accounting got thrown around.

On my desktop sheet an os reinstall mine is all jumbled up now. It will go to last used within a session, but reverts to whatever order next time I log in. Seems to order last used correctly on my laptop.

I dont have any other systems and I have been using my new PC since the beginning of January and the ordering is still messed up.

I am having the same issue. Curious about any updates to this.

I am having this issue since the game is installed on my SSD. When it was on my HDD the ordering was good.