Character names got written in Capital Letters after Maintenance

Character names got written in Capital Letters after Maintenance

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I am also having this issue. Is there an ETA on a fix for this?

they probably did this on purpose to help cut down on database issues.

I have this same issue, some observations:

  • Names are UPPERCASE in the character select screen, this wasn’t so before.
  • Names are UPPERCASE in the lobby (both mine and other players).
  • Names are not UPPERCASE when in the game.
  • This applies to Online characters only, my Offline character still has the name it had before.

Edit: Example;
Raven before is now RAVEN

Hey all,

I checked into this and see a known issue is going on with the capital letters. The developers are working on a fix already. Thanks for the reports here. We will post here if we have any updates.

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This I can deal with, but I have other issues since the maintenance.

There are lots of posts about key bindings not sticking when you exit the game and I posted one about Skill Bindings disappearing on my Xbox One Controller on PC. Lots of posts about this on the Discord I follow as well. Can we get an update on that issue?

Also, since the maintenance my character list is all out of order and doesn’t sort now. Every time I exit to desktop and go back into the game I have to search the list for the current character I’m playing. Then when I find it I have to re-map all of the controls. Help…
Thanks for all that you do!

This issue is what is causing the keybinds to not save anymore. Because the character names are in all uppercase, if an affected character previously had any lowercase letters in the name, the current all caps version would no longer match the associated files on the server that save your keybinds. If they fix the caps issue they simultaneously fix the keybind issue.


Thank you so much for explaining this. This is very helpful information!

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Was able to fix the issue by going into my saved games folder:

C:\Users\USERNAME\Saved Games\Diablo II Resurrected\

And then changing the “char.keyo” file to “CHAR.keyo”. Also did the same for “char.ctlo” file. Keybinds are now working correctly!!

Thanks for pointing me towards the solution!!

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The ordering of chars and the upper casing is really bugging me…

Im glad to hear you are working on a fix <3

While you are on it pretty please with sugar on top implement a skip cutscene option


As usual, the ETA is Soon™

holding a key down doesnt skip cutscenes for you?

Hey everyone!

Thank you all for your continued reports and patience with this issue. Updates for this specific issue can be found at the Blue thread linked below:

If you are still experiencing the problem, please let us know here in this thread.

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I am still having this issue, have been for many days now. I have tried all the workarounds. Playing established characters many months old, version 1.1.67554 region americas playing online. Every time I start a new game key bindings reset to default.

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