Character missing after exiting game

same here. i got to the countess and the game died, character no longer there.

same here. unable to ID. soft lock on cain. forced close. no characters. unable to create new. mayhap it’s just unable to talk to character server due to load

Same issue, can i have my character back?


Character deleted after trying to identify items from Cain.

Weird, the “can’t identify anything” bug is what caused me to log out and back in also, with the same result.

I leveled to 6 on my necromancer. Got arctic furs chest piece, had to go back to class and log out… and all 7 of my premade characters are deleted, including the one I just played. How does something like this get past the bug testing phase?

Same problem here. Create a character, complete quest 1 and 2. Exit the game. And my character has gone… And start again…

Played Sorc till Countress exit the game char got removed

Same, sorceress level 8 or so. Couldn’t identify so relogged, character disappeared

Couldn’t identify item with scroll so tried the “log out log back in” fix… Character screen empty. Nice job Blizzard.

Same issue. Character disappeared.

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Wondering if they are gone for good or just some bug with the servers? I don’t see how they couldn’t anticipate the most revered nostalgic game to be remade would have so many people jumping to play it on release? That’s like running a dairy farm and being bewildered about people wanting to buy your milk.

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Same here. Shortly after killing Blood Raven a screen popped up saying I lost connection to the server. I then was sent to the log in screen. It displayed a level 1 Necro (I was 5 or 6). I tried to log back in and it stated that my character does not exist on this server. I then restarted and I came back to my character being completely gone.

I also had this problem, tried to identify, couldn’t, relogged after countess run (got stealth first run…), character was level 1, couldnt log in. Left client, all characters wiped

I’m LIVID rn…

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I also was in burial grounds about to kill the blood raven and it crashed to main menu. i exited out of batttlenet and reopened and my character was gone.

I am unsure whether I should wait for my druid to reappear or if I should roll a new one >.>

Same, i was kicked from server and now Character does not appear for online play

Same as a bunch of others. I goofed off with my skellies to around level six, then finally cleared the Den, got a scepter I was going to pawn, returned to town and tried to ID, couldn’t use scrolls so I quit. Showed a level one necro in menu, so I rebooted D2R… no characters at all.

Anyone know if this stuff is happening to offline characters?

Same here. Character was selectable at first but got error that could not be found on server. Now when I log back in, character is gone.


Wait it out

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