Change Sanctuary Aura For Build Diversity

Hello, I was planning to create a Paladin build for season 5. It is a build I have been wanting to do for many years (Sanctuary build), but since Sanctuary was always bugged, no go.

However now it’s apparently fixed and working as intended… except is the mana drain intended? The skill doesn’t list a mana cost. It shouldn’t have one.

Okay, but the real purpose of my thread is to cry and complain that Sanctuary should be an aura you can create a build around.

Make it add magic damage to your attacks, like the 3 elemental dmging auras. This magic dmg should apply to any monster. That way you can create a build around this aura, more build diversity, more FUN, more longevity. It would still be thematic with it’s +%dmg to UNDEAD, however a flat magic dmg addition on attacks would be fine, as it is a holy light aura, and just adds viability.

My plan was to stack as much +%dmg to Undead and Demons as possible, and I think that would be a fun and original build.

But the way Sanctuary works is just… not worthless, but certainly not viable to create a build around, unfortunately.

So please, add the magic damage to all attacks. This opens up interesting options for build diversity, and makes the aura viable as a primary aura.

Just don’t make it OP in magic dmg, as we know how OP it is (RIDICULOUSLY OP MAGIC HAMMER FOR DECADES, ANYONE?!)

So the +%dmg can stay as it is, undead only, but give it a magic dmg on attack which affects all targets. Boom, you have new builds!

Alternatively you could alter the aura and rebalance it to affect both Demons and Undead. That would also work.

Please do this, as build diversity is the most important part of fun and longevity!

For now… I guess I shelve this eager young Paladin, and go roll something else. Disappointing…

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yah, i wish. this simple addition of adding magic damage to attack similar to all the other elemental auras would make this skill useful. have it synergize with redemption.