Can't mute/block spam bots

I accept that blizzard is unable to ban these annoying chat/spam bots. But I HATE my screen flooded by messages that I dont want to see.
I’m trying to block bots since yesterday and I simply CANT.
Looking for a solution here

https: //i .imgur. com/ja2igra .jpg

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I’ve had the same issue for months. I can report them but then I get a message saying that I’m unable to block them, even if I try to block them manually after the auto-block from reporting them. It’s super annoying.

is there really no solution to this? How on earth are we supposed to contact blizzard about this? I can no longer mute, no clue why, spammers are EVERYWHERE. There’s no support number to call, i cant file a ticket for this issue… LETS GO BLIZZARD!

only solution is to manually delete old spam bots from the ignore list to make room for the new ones…

Its so bad and its even worse when you’re in game and your left side of the screen is completely covered in this BS. For some reason lobby/trade chat still randomly pop up when you’re playing and you cant do nothin about it.

I think all the D2R devs have been moved to D3.9 battlepass duties.