Cannot repair Steel runeword scimitar

EDIT: After reloading I can repair the item as expected.

My pally “Turk” made a Steel runeword scimitar and cannot repair it at Charsi. PTR hardcore ladder.

I believe the base was superior, +1 damage. Have sufficient gold but using either the “repair all equipment” button or manually using the “repair” button and clicking on the Steel gives the popup “I cannot complete that request”. Is repeatable.


Mouse pointer doesn’t show up in screenshots but obviously it was over the scimitar.


I can confirm I have had the same bug, I had a superior 2 socket Scimitar - this turned into a normal scimitar when made into the Steel runeword, and can no longer be repaired at charsi.

i had this too, it was with a leaf staff

I recall similiar problem on Hardcore Amazon on 2.3 with Lore runeword…

Funny thing - unequipping it and equipping it again allowed me to repair it.

Same problem with Nadir helmet. Must be a bug with all runewords.

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