Can we please talk about how uncreative sunder charms are as a solution?

It is like capping an engine at 50mph instead of redesigning the engine for a specific purpose. Thunder charms give an uncreative crude one-fits-all solution instead of addressing monster immunities step-wise by allowing sophisticated combinations of items/skills/builds break immunities (e.g. infinity). The consequence of this will be that skill won’t matter anymore, which will penalize people that dedicated hours of life into mastering this game. Remove these charms and keep focussing on all the other good work you devs have done so far (maybe adding some of the requested quality of life changes)!


No… More like giving your engine another 1000HP or a 7th gear for more speed, but 75% less gas tank…

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Its bad for the environment also, as its nothing but methane and dogcrap. The emissiona bloqing out of Blizzard right now could well shove us into extinction.


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Agreed. I support adding in new ways to circumvent immunities, but the manner chosen is very much not fun or challenging.


Plus res is too easy to obtain, it would probably be a choice between 75% capped res or something like 50% with sunder in most instances (besides melee physical, F melee :smiley: - that would be a choice between 5% damage done to physical immunes and sacrificing probably 80% ED somewhere else in the gear that you would have to swap - so it’s a nerf no matter what, still have to stick to Magic Arrow / Berserk). Also sorcs do not need res that much because they keep the distance anyway.

Also Energy Shield does not account for resistances anyway. You can max it out and stack DR/MDR, so that’s a huge buff with almost no tradeoffs also.

It is a band-aid solution. I really hoped they would rebalance skills, synergies, runewords, uniques, crafts etc to empower more builds (kind of what they did with FOH and Fire Druid - not OP, just good). There were just so many options to upgrade existing stuff and do not introduce such a drastic change that changes the entire game dynamics - crafted orbs, synergies, orb runewords, buffing crafted weapons (maybe just tweak Famine runeword? or Wrath? or Brand?) and armor for melee - whatever. Instead boom - Sunder Charm, done!

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ya the idea COULD be decent, but the current implementation is lazy. literally no thought process involved. it is going to ruin so many things.

the SMALL challenge that is left in diablo will be completely removed.