Can we get confirmation on shockwave?

Blizzard i am sure you are aware shock wave is doing a lot more damage now and i was wondering if you buffed shockwave (which honestly the skill really needed it :slight_smile: ) or if this is some kind of bugged that escaped your notice? Any clarity on this would be appreciated before ladder because i was thinking of making a shockwave druid.

Hope they don’t nerf it, its my ladder start character and its fun and tanky.

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Near as I can tell it appears that the intention was to apply the %damage increase from Werebear to Shockwave.

Which makes total sense and is decently well balanced. Though the damage displayed in the tooltip ought to be updated to display that.

However, it appears they messed up and in the calculations that is supposed to apply: Increase Damage 55% + (15% * (Werebear Level -1)) to Shockwave, they instead used the calculation: Increase Damage 15% * (Shockwave Level -1)), making Shockwave its own synergy?

The other issue that probably isn’t a bug, but should be considered for changing is that Shockwave uses Faster Cast to determine frame rate when shouldn’t it be Increased Attack Speed? That would make Shockwave work better with the Maul synergy.

Anybody have a bear shokwave build to share that doesn’t rely on high end gear?

I really hope that they buffed shockwave because its only used for its stun utility and is completely useless otherwise but it actually feels amazing now.

I leved one last night. I play hc. I gave him my necro gear and got him a druid torch and jalas. He wears duel spirits, a random one to skills dru ammy with res, 2x fcr rings with res, verdungos, skullders. I have a cta but its not needed. 5k hp w/o cta an 5,8k with cta. Currently in a4 hell. Walking through myself. This build is amazing so far.

I made a shockwave druid and he is so much fun. I really hope blizzard doesn’t change this. Currently having a blast in hardcore.

Just for the novelty of it, I made a shockwave druid in HC self-found with the goal to just complete the game solo (no outside help accepted).

even with minimal gear (spirit sword+shield, Lore helm and Smoke chest + other found garbage) i finished the game with no issues at around lvl 82,

shockwave clearly does waaaay more damage than the tooltip displays and also stuns everything for ages, even the hell ancients and baal waves were a joke.

this only for a 40 skill points investment and 7 mana/cast , in contrast to the WC barb who needs to invest 80 points and 26 mana per cast to get the same damage.

in my opinion this bug should be patched in 2.6.

and even if they update the formula to correctly include the 15%*20 from wearebear the skill would still have the same damage as warcry but with only 60 points instead of 80.

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Shockwave should remain as it is. There are far better builds that delete the screen in seconds. This skill finally feels good and nerfing it would be a terrible mistake. If anything shockwave finally feels balanced.


I agree with you. I’m more under the impression that many skills are weak.

I have gone with max Shockwave, 1 point Grizzly (and the prereqs), 1 point Oak Sage and then Max Armageddon and its synergies that buff Armageddon’s fire damage. It does perform better with high end gear but is playable with low end gear.

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Interesting build. Costly in term of skill points.
40 for shockwave+synergy
60 armagedon and I’m not even counting fissure for it’s duration.
5 in summoning.
few points in prerequ

The problems I see also is you have to be in wearbear form to cast shockwave but you cannot cast fire skills then. How do you deal with that?

Personally, i always put a 1 point wonder in creepers (including solar for mana intensive builds). Found them helpful for just 2-3 points.

I wonder how it compares to a wearbear-shockwave or a fire druid?

His main ele fire skill is armageddon which you can cast in bear form.

Ive played hybrids before they are viable up to a point and fun.

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Look like they nerfed shockwave…

We’ll i see blizzard finally answered my post in the 2.6 patch notes and frankly i am a sad to see shockwave getting “fixed”. Lets be honest its been a CC/meme skill for all of the time it has been in the game up until last season. Blizzard if you are paying attention to this thread please consider buffing the damage on shockwave because it was completely balanced and was really fun to use last season.


It was YOOOOOOOUUUUU who killed my boy!, lol, i do hope they fix the fix now with some damage though.


If you see this blizzard please fix shockwave. You got all our hopes up and then crushed them with the 2.6 notes. Then you nerfed hustle which would have been excellent for melee druids/all melee builds. All around druids took a heavy hit this patch.


I got to say druids are the worst class in the game. Fury is awful compared to zeal and ww barb.

Bears had literally one viable build that they nerfed. Rabies is trash, they nerfed fire claws.