Can diablo 2 resurrected please get its own wiki pages

i swear there are so many original d2 wikipages getting edited to fit d2r’s new game changes, as if the original game no longer exists

examples i can think of on top of my head is that the holy bolt wiki page states that it damages undead AND demons, or that the sorceress page says she gets 1 hp per vitality, instead of 2

i dont know why they would even change her hp gain if they did (i dont even know if someone just edited in by some dumb mistake), she is a cheesy character, i personally dont like her cheap rushing abilities, but she is also the only mage who does not have any minions to hide behind??

thats beside the point, just please leave the original wikis alone, they are still in use :tired_face: not everyone wants to play d2r and still want to enjoy the og. i feel like i might be gaslighting myself whenever i see slight changes like the vitality thing and have to go waste time checking, as if some of the wikis werent already misleading and stuck in old game versions

Well I’m fairly sure the wiki editors aren’t reading this forum

… why? The Arreat Summit has everything about the game you could ever need to know. It’s been down which is weird, but that’s where you go for information.

It would be great if that was available… Anyone know if it will ever come back?


Since it was a very simple webpage, you can easily navigate it on the wayback machine. Far as I checked, nothing seems to be broken, although it is a bit slow to load. I’m thinking of compiling and re-hosting the info contained on the Arreat Summit on a new website for preservation, when I have some free time. But not a priority since wayback machine works fine.

uhh if you do, be sure to include golems natural immunities that were never edited into the wikis. i completely forgot they had that until i was playing with a friend who was a necro using all golems, and i hovered over their names with holy bolt

clay golem - cold immune
blood golem - poison immune
iron golem - lightning immune
fire golem - duh
(quick edit: my clay golem just shattered to death to that cold enchanted poison guy in the cathedral yesterday, suddenly cant remember his name, after having clays hp reduced to near zero. so either its summon resist that bring up some high resistances they have to immunity, or its one of those quirky things that applies on later difficulties first, like druid spirits suddenly getting huge dmg reduction)

i would have posted about this wiki editing thing in d2r forum too but i refunded the game, and with that i refunded the right to post in their forum

The arreat summit is back online so I dropped the idea lol

oh ok, that would also have been an impossible amount of work for you :sweat_smile:

i want to summarize about that golem thing if anyone is interested, it looks to me that its a constant resist they have, with summon resist eventually turning it into an immunity. but im not sure what exactly their base amount is

for example, against duriel on normal, if you place a level 1 blood golem you will see it get insta destroyed, but using a clay golem of same level will survive just a bit longer because of its natural hidden resist in cold, and because duriels primary damage comes from his unholy freeze aura’s flat damage. my best guess is their base resist is 30-50%, but even that is very unspecific