C’mon Blizzard… killing shape shifters?

I’m glad to see some of the changes they’ve made to the game (not that there are many aside from the visuals) but this is ridiculous! I paid for the game, bought items from a store, have been leveling the character and building gear through the game and d2jsp for a very specific bear sorc build that i never finished last i played only to find out that the build no longer usable because the bear swings as fast as a lvl1 paladin with a plain short sword… and this is with a 120ias Pb equipped!! I’ve played this game religiously since it was released and was pretty burnt out on it so I’ve been in “retirement” for the past few years… the only reason I bought the game and started playing again was to build this bear sorc… it was the only class left that was fun to tinker with(for me).
I’m sad to see the shifter/beast classes destroyed… how about instead of “fixing” things y’all add more useful items or… god forbid… some form of expansion.
Please un-“fix” this… it’s old game… it doesn’t want to unlearn its old tricks. And tbh some of the best things about this game were things that developers had never intended… these are the things that have kept it alive all these years


the original diablo 2 hasn’t gone anywhere, you can go play that at any time