"Bug fixes and features update" coming soon

Give me some skin boys :raised_hand:

I’m predicting Guild Halls.

More stash space? Loot filters? :man_shrugging:


Stacked gems/Runes? Worldstone shards to slam items? Removal of que system? Removal of failed to join game? Splash dmg / other buf to melee builds to make them viable? Ladder release? :innocent:


I want reworked skills for more build diversity. The people voted for it in the poll they made so it’s likely coming at some point.

When it happens:
Patch note: Amazon bow skills buffed by 20%
People who want to build a Bowazon for PVM: “Thanks Blizz”


Tyrael save us from Reddit poll features…


All I want is some nice QoL features. :slight_smile:

Likely just a reworked lobby system and improved reporting/blocking mechanics.

I don’t see any balance or in-game changes happening anytime in the near future.


You all are getting way ahead of yourselves. My guess is these features are better/modernized Lobby, Game List, and Social aspects.

I highly doubt it will be anything crazy.


I don’t mind if there’s nothing crazy, but “significant updates” is definitely something to look forward to.

They tweeted this “update news” on the main Diablo twitter. Very interesting :ok_hand:

From Pez’s Twitter:

We have even more planned, looking forward to sharing that soon with the team!

rubs hands together

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Yeah it’s fun to speculate sometimes, but personally I’d consider a lobby rework pretty significant since the current one sucks so hard.


Hopefully that means giving us chat channels back…The game feels dead without it.

The commands for chat channels are in the game, but they don’t work for some reason.

I cannot see or communicate with anyone that joins the channel (tested with 2 PC’s).

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As far as updates go for the lobby, all people wanted from the old was the characters on the bottom I would say, and a way to inspect, rework the whole rest of it.

Besides that if they fixed the freezing/crashing I would be happy. Only thing hurting my experience are those two things.

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All I can add is that you should keep your expectations quite low. From the patch notes released so far, when they actually provide details at all, the fixes are quite modest in scope.

Any new “features” will likely be in this vein - e.g. CTRL-Left-Click moves an item from Inventory into the Trade Screen popup, etc.

Hopefully, they’ll surprise me, but from what I’ve seen so far, they don’t appear overly-ambitious…

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Quick correction, melee is already viable :slight_smile:

I’d say features outside of PC lobby fixes would be: Chat window on consoles (thus allowing them players x command), Skill Hotbar for Keyboard, Stacking runes/gems in stash, in game recipe list/advanced tooltips. Beyond that, anyone’s guess.

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Melee barb is good in a 8 players game
Melee assassin is trash in a 8 players game
Melee Bowazon is below average in a 4+ players game, almost useless in a 8 players game
Melee Druid really isn’t helping much in a 8 players game, but not trash.
Melee sorc… well… it’s a sorc.

Stash tabs, loot filter, stacked gems… c’mon, guys, what are you talking about? It is not D2R mod. There is obviously exactly one most required update now: lobby/chat system.

I also would be happy to see guild halls, but doubt we will see it this year (at least).

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Its blizzard soon. Meaning it will happen in 5 years.