Budget Smite Build?

So a lot of the current builds out there do the full-deal FoH build, maxing Holy Shock and Conviction like the lightning damage from FoH even matters.

Many people are realizing that you still get essentially full FoH power just maxing FoH and Holy Bolt. So this opens up the table for some serious hybrid builds. However, when I am looking into the hybrids people are running (FoH/Smite, FoH/Hammer), it seems that there is a substantial gear requirement when they list their gear. I was wondering how much the smite build really relies on having substantial gear? Do we just need a little crushing blow? Or is it necessary to have the whole setup?

Awesome question, i want to know the same thing lol

For ubers and dclone and bosses 1 point smite is enuff with a elite paly shield. Get some cb like gores and gface and black/heavens and of course dracs.