Budget Necromancer Uber Tristram Guide No Enigma No Beast No Anni No Teleport

Hey there fellow necromancers, here is my budget necromancer all ubers guide. I use no enigma, no beast, no annihilus and no teleport. I explain everything in detail so the vid is a bit lengthy. Anyway, I hope you will enjoy the vid!


Thanks for the video. Question for you

Is this the lowest gear set up your would do ubers on? What’s the least + to skills set up you would attempt Ubers with? Say +10 to all skills no HoTo?

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Hey Rondel, I know you are a very active necromancer on the forums and I just want to say that I value your feedback. Great question btw!

I honestly think we can get a more “budget” version of this setup. I really do. Therefore I would answer: “No, I do not think this is the lowest gear setup for the ubers”. However, I kinda utilized a different approach with the no teleport challenge. I believe using at least a teleport charged staff (Naj or any other tele charged staff) can help focusing dps on the bosses, ie telestomping.

I honestly wanted to create this build to show that necromancers do not need GG gear to successfully complete Uber Tristram. I created this build which relies on merc dps, and offers merc protection (lots of durable skeletons and revives surround the uber bosses so they get preoccupied). As I mentioned earlier, using a teleport staff would greatly enhance the dps potential of this build, therefore you could potentially get rid of most of the skiller charms (at least 5 of them maybe more) and replace mara’s with a more budget + skill necro amulet.

I could go into more detail about this, but I noticed that my reply was already pretty lengthy. Anyway thank you for the great question!

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I’m mostly asking for myself. I get far more time to post here than farm things up so my current summoner is lvl 90 with + 10 all skills. I’m 2 keys of Destruction away from being able to do the Ubers so I’m looking at what I need to get it done.

I’ll post my build and gear below, I figure I need at least a Duress for my merc (still need an UM, I used my first 2 to make a Bone Armor), I can mule a G-face over if needed, merc currently has Andys. No Hoto, I use a staff of Telly, I have an Arm of King Leoric I can use or just use for summoning. Oh by the way I’m HC so failing isn’t an option :sweat_smile:

My set up: https://d2.maxroll.gg/d2planner/y801066v#4

Would love any advice as you are far more experienced at this than I am. Also how realistic is it to run one set of keys at a time. I’d guess I need 4 or 5 sets to account for the random draw on which red portal I get. The time I get to play isn’t a set hour to two hours solid, It’s more like 30 min at a time when I can. I’m worried I’ll get half way through and I’ll get called away and never finish a run.

I checked your build. My first instinct was to notice your shield and boots. They need to go. You can easily get yourself a spirit monarch which would add FCR. Boots can be marrowwalk for +skeleton mastery which helps a ton or Aldur’s for +life and +fire resistance. I like bone runeword but vipermagi can be more beneficial just because of the FCR (for faster teleports). You will lose a skill point though.

If you can get your hands on a CTA, that would be great for you since it really adds tons of hp to all minions and merc. Amulet is fine, helm is fine, we use the same gloves. You already know you will be using Leoric wand instead of blackhand.

I use whisp projector ring for lightning absorb, and I have arachnid mesh belt. You should definitely get lightning absorb item either Thundergod or Whisp Projector just to be on the safe side. The other ring could preferably be +FCR + 3x or quad rez or +1 skill BK or SoJ.

Merc gear is the main issue I think. My setup has 90% CB on merc with Obedience + Gface + Duress setup. Duress is 100% required for open wounds so uber bosses do not regen HP.

On your planner, I created a new set called “Forum Suggestion” can you see it?

For uber keys, do not log out after you complete 1 mini uber, you may encounter the same portal twice. It is best to do all 3 mini ubers in 1 run so you get all 3 organs. It would be problematic otherwise.

Let me know if you can see the 8th set I created a few minutes ago. It includes my suggestions!

Thanks for the suggestions, I use what I have and I don’t get much time to trade, thus the non-optimal gear. Perhaps I’ll make time for it if I don’t have the stuff by the time I get the keys. I have like 5 ist laying around but no Um’s…

I had been wondering what belt to use, thanks for the reminder about T-Gods I have two on a mule.

Can’t see the build on maxroll, that’s ok I can adjust some to list those.

Boots I’m not attached to, I was using these just because I had them on and I don’t have marrowalk yet. Shield, I need to re-balance resists if I switch to spirit. That’s much easier to do with the torch ;). I can pull my trappers stuff to make it work…I need to make a spirit sooner or later anyways.

Would you try the Ubers without CTA?

edit: adding in my two 10% FCR rings, I’m not sure spirit shield hits a final cast rate…I’ll make one anyways to see how it feels.

And thanks it’s good to bounce things off people!

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I could but I strongly recommend getting a CTA especially if you play on Hardcore.

The trick is not to rush on anything, especially do not teleport into the undiscovered rooms in the Lilith area. In my vid I show a super safe way of exploring the rooms without even entering them.

You do not need to hit 125% FCR break btw

Overall, your HP and resistances as well as the durability of your minions including merc is what matters. Your merc will take care of the uber bosses with my setup (90% CB) and if you have urdars on top of it with proper telestomping you will have some good time.

Remember to check your merc hp regularly, support him with full rejuv pots this is super important. We can discuss further if you have anything on your mind. I would be more than happy to share my thoughts.

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Well, Mara, Shako, Arachnid, not exactly easy to get TBH… in fact, I got my Enigma before those. For whatever stupid RNG reason I got 3 Arachnids since then (within like 3 days), but the others are still missing :smiley:

I guess it’s time to retire the old poison necromancer. My merc was doing all the work anyway.

I do have an arm of king leoric. I’ve gotten every wand in the game, but deathweb.

No summoning skillers though.

For the record I was able to kill uber diablo and uber ba’al yesterday, but I just couldn’t kill mephisto. He just keep spawning too many minions for me.

His poison nova absolutely melted my mercenary.

I guess I have some things to think on…

If the Urders weren’t helping you, one tactic I saw someone use nicely with a p-Necy was to bone prision the whole screen. It takes a point or two into the Bone skills but once everyone was nicely prison’d up you can sit back and slowly chip away on the bosses with Nova. The massive bone Prisons kept all the ‘summonables’ away.

In the end whether your Summoner, Poison or Bone the key to the Ubers is Urders!