Blizzard these questions are for you

It has been several days since you released the last patch… anything new? any new fixes? and new improvements for the game? any news for your dying community? or are you just going to keep us all in the dark still?

And this question is for you…. Do you have any concept of how software development works? While I agree, you’re being a big silly head.

They actually dont have the expertise necessary to program their games properly.

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Yes i do indeed know how scripts and programming works.

Doesn’t sound like if you think patches should come out daily.

I said several days i didn’t state every day, I believe you need to re-read what i typed. I was asking several questions about the game and generally most major titles have updates weekly because they have over 20 to 30 developers helping on fix the product if they want that product to properly work and function as it is suppose to. So therefore me as a consumer i would like to know what the current status and progress of the games state is at.

Patches don’t come out “every several days” either.

are you only on my topic to troll or get some sort of attention? or are you just not understanding the full concept of my responses to you.

Yeah, no you can actually release hot fixes pretty fast. Blizz did not actually put a lot of resources to this game, and when possible they are not touching any of the 20 year old code

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yeah i kinda figured as much because i had noticed that diablo 4 and diablo immortal are getting worked on more than d2r that had an absolute horrible launch and there are still issues with it… If they would just take the time to fix the game and patch the crashes and remove this silly queue system then the game would actually be great… I do not see my self purchasing any more diablo content, I fell in love with diablo 2 when i was a kid and i still enjoy d2r very much today as an adult.

Diablo II: Resurrected Outages: An explanation, how we’ve been working on it, and how we’re moving forward - #4 by PezRadar posted 18h ago pinned to the top of the forums.


Well they are working on a fix that they want to test further and after that release on a PTR server to test more. I just hope it does not take too long to do that and of course to work…

Guess you don’t know how large companies work. Wish I didn’t know how large companies worked. Then I’d still like software development.

Startups for the win. I reject facebook and google job offers daily haha. F*** big companies

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