Blizzard Respond To Server Issues

Exactly this, couldn’t have said it better myself.

If the Developer just had played D2 once and looked additionally at Youtube, they would have knew how “Endgame” in D2 looks like.

It should then be clear that they would have included pers. Loot to encourage Players to farm together, means cutting the amount of sessions by 80%. Even during leveling more players would play in Multiplayer with pers. Loot, so even way less Sessions active.

Additionally, give a party the chance to Reload a Session at will. Big QoL and once again will make sure that less Sessions are generated.

But well, we all know that Blizzard thinks, they know what they do, but they don’t.

Blizzard proofs this with WoW since 2016…

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People have been wanting another REAL Diablo game for 20 plus years, you finally release D2r, and your shocked that so many people want to play?

Everyone should be review bombing right now to let shareholders know that forcing companies to take shortcuts ain’t gonna cut it. I.e. cyberpunk

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Lost connection to the server 6 different times in one day…its good the servers didnt crash but realy 6 different times while in game c’mon get your head out your culo blizzard

Not many gamers would like to play long hours … I myself love to log in just play an hour… go do something else… play 30mins go watch something stuff like that

Maybe that is why most people are frustrated over it… sure if I have 10hours to spare why not just wait in the queue for 3hours hey I can still play for 7hrs later

I jumped on last night at peak time for 2 hours…I was 72 in the queue and took 7 mins to get in.

Not bad for a Tuesday but weekends will no doubt take longer.

here’s my response…

Give me back my money!
Freakin scam game, Pay 2 play “online”, my bad sorry… Queue" “Online” …wich isnt working.
Shame on you Blizzard.

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This is a LIE.
Why you ask people are doing those runs from 2005

People still defending this company? Humans don’t deserve anything nice lol.


Having any faith in blizzard is like dipping a finger coated in honey down an anthill and expecting not to get bit. They don’t give a flying whatever about you, me, him, her, it, they and whoever the hell else. They have their billions and you have a product you paid for, with a EULA that was signed. There are no refunds coming, there are no real fixes or improvements, this is it. This is what you get until Diablo IV and if this is any indication of what that’ll be like, it can stay unreleased. Don’t forget, Blizzard has been sitting on a mobile game for so long now and they can’t even release that right. I hope the big wigs at blizzard eat crap and perish.


Just waited in a 260 person queue for an hour, only to be unable to connect to the server, then another 360 person queue for 1.5 hours. That connection also failed and I’m now waiting in a 424 person queue. This is absolutely ridiculous. I only get time to play a bit on weekends and now won’t get another shot until next week. You mentioned issues with legacy code 9 days ago and it’s not been addressed. What the hell is going on?

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Your servers are doing worse now than they were 20 years ago, that same 20 years old code, that same exact software on 100 times faster hardware, get your act together!
463 in queue and it’s barely moving…

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I was 473 in the queue but it goes down fast…I was in the game 1 hour later but the queue indicator never updated much.

Until they expand the server capability just sign in early and camp in town!

It’s not about a number it’s about holding them accountable

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Not everyone has money to burn. My partner put aside money in advance, knowing how much I’d been looking forward to playing this game. We do not have a disposable income, and live on one wage due to my chronic illness. Take a good look around you and you’ll find that not everyone has your living standards, something a mature person would appreciate.


Im wondering if Blizzard is to busy dealing with all the sexual harassment lawsuits to be able to address this. Maybe the internet guy was part of a complaint and lost their job and theres no on there?

In the the cue for 30 minutes and waiting…what year is this? Maybe i can get marty mcfly and doc brown to take me back to when the internet was invented so i can play this game


Could we just get a temporary boost in drop rates while these issues are happening? Getting locked out during MF runs for nothing seem a little unproductive.

Imagine if there was a way to allow 700+ players in to the game. Hmm one might think just one or two more servers would be able to handle this? I don’t know how it’s not hyper obvious to everyone the issue is not technical. PezRadar and his friends simply don’t want to pay the money we gave them to stand up a couple extra servers.

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Ok, go pay your $30 to see Dune in Imax, then don’t complain when the screen goes blank for two hours 20 min into the flick. The reason the gam is unplayable is they increased their own profits on sales buy not investing in adequate infrastructure. Completely their fault. They decided to trash their reputation with their own fan base to benefit their stock holders and their own pocketbooks. Simple, basically, low greed.

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