Blizz Please fix the fixed Chaos Sanc Seal

The fix for the tricky seal pop leaves Lord De Seis spawning in new and terrible locations. Two of the new locations are absolutely terrible. One is right on top of the seal and almost always kills the merc instantly and yourself too if not careful. Lord De Seis has always been tough; this is rediculous. Thanks for fixing this fix as soon as possible.

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What is there to fix tho? Its just new random spawning spot which makes it more challenging.


im all for new challenges. One of the locations spawns him right on top of you and your merc right by the seal. this doesnt allow any prep time nor does it allow you to setup a position of defense. Your merc is highly likely to die and so are you. Its literally: Seal click → Die.

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And here I was thinking the new random spawn was fun.

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The question is, intentional or not? lol

I dont think it was intentional no.

If you have teleport, pop the seal and teleport to a location where he won’t spawn. If you don’t have teleport, get behind the seal, or between the seal and the wall at the end of the hall, throw up a townportal just in case, set up any pre-casts if any, pop the seal and KILLL!!!11

It seems like the one where he spawns close is the one that bends around like a “2”, however lately I have seen him spawn in his normal OG location, and I’ve also seen the seal become finnicky again.

Then honestly, it should not be happening and is a bug, or they add it to the next patch, Im good either way.

Well, for me, that spot was right near or under neath his new ninja spawning point LOL, was a massive WTF the first time it happened. I saw his little fairy dust right on top of my merc and Rock eye raised as I moved out of the way with my sorc as I watched my merc insta die.

Lawbringer act 5 merc or freezing arrow act 1 merc fixes all, lol.

Oblivion mages with lower resist curse werent nowhere in patch notes, most likely not intentional also, is it bug? I dont think so.