Bladesin Question

So I was wondering what type of life leech you guys aim for on your bladesins?

I have like 30% LL and 17% ML but now that I’m gaining ground and starting to upgrade some things on her I was wondering if I had too much and could replace things like my crafted blood ammy with say… Highlords to speed up her attack and gain some damage output.

It depends on if you have phoenix. With phoenix, you can run with 0 of both really. But I still recommend some LL and ML just to be safe (so 3+ of both). Without phoenix, I normally find that one ring would be comfortable already - 6ML and 6+LL. I started the season with Nat’s claw and a perf skull in it. No phoenix and had no problems at all.

Theres a few ways to build it out so you gotta decide. I prefer the Deadly strike build, so edeath, highlords, gore.