Best level 85 areas for Lightning Trapsin?

Hi, what are the best places to farm for Lightning Trapsins? Besides Cows, I am looking for level 85 areas with zero lightning immunities. Does anyone know?

I Know Im 6 days late but, Arcane sanctuary melts with traps, I actually farm keys with traps

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I agree, I figured that out too, it’s a great place to farm along with eldritch/shenk, not level 85 areas per se but still good. Only other area I found was the Pit of Acheron

Arcane is also interestind for the possibility for high runes from chests and wraiths. They are very easy to kill with traps.

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The problem with Trapsin farming AS is when traps pick up whispy boys off the walk way. I mean if you want to herd them manually thats fine and all but its a lot more trouble than its worth.

As far as lvl 85 areas, Ive been farming WSK, Ancient Tunnels, and whatever that new snow cave is in act5.

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Ruined temple is a good place, no lightning immunity and relatively high density, and easy to find. You can do a rotation of ruined temple, shenk, eldritch, pindle.

Don’t know about forgotten reliquary but pit of acheron is a good place also, if you have enigma to tele around. Otherwise, just stick with the top ones I mention.

Arcane is good no white mob immune to light but sadly not area 85.

Chaos is good but you need a backup for stormcasters. They have low life though so any decent backup like fireblast or dtalon will make short work of them

If you cant tele to chaos then there are also LI on river, those can be a pain. I recommend tele staff or amy if enigmaless.

And theres always LI uniques regardless but strong merc can handle.