Best golem (blood vs clay)

Hi, So now i see that blood golem has jp increase per lvl, also have more defense and statistics than clay golem, So maybe better max out blood instrad of clay ? Can someone tell me please

Of the 4 golems the blood golem is by far the most useless. put 1 point as prerequisite and ignore

Fire golem is also quite useless, it deals damage when it dies so you want its life low and therefore will only use one point in the build, or if you want to maximize it pick up gem chips on normal detonate everything with your fire aura. It can be used as a lure to attract mobs, but it’s a playstyle that is nowhere near optimized.

Iron Golem can be used by placing a cheap and useful runeword (insight is the ideal candidate) for a golem that deals damage, tanks and regenerates your mana, for that the points that you will put in a primary way you maximize the golem master and then if you have any left, you put points in the blood golem to increase the life of your iron golem.

Clay golem can be maxed to fight bosses for its slow and this is one of the options.

In a summoner necromancer build you will put points as follows
20 points in raise skeleton
20 skeleton master
20 corpse explosion
1 until revive
1 summon resist
1 to lower resist on curses (if you are going to play online do this)
1 bone armor

This leaves you with 25 points up to level 90 to spend and here there are a variety of choices as anything you do will work.

+19 points to revive (increase your armies)
+19 golem master (To put an insight into the iron golem)
+19 clay golem (great against boss)
+19 Skeleton mage (elemental damage taking advantage of master’s synergy)
+19 amplify damage (cast the curse less often)
20 Fire Golem (attract monsters and get enough chips in normal)

I strongly recommend one of the first 3 options.

Each Golem has a use, but some are better than others.

Clay Golem slows things, this is great for boss fights when you want the target to slow down.

Iron Golem takes the aura. Yes it has thorns but you really don’t want that golem getting attacked.

Blood golem heals you. He also has the most health and makes the best tank for IM/Thorns. The problem is he is low priority thus doesn’t get targeted that much.

Fire golem is a High priority target meaning he takes agro. This is great when using Thorns/IM.

The thing is in 90% of the builds people play you just want Clay until you have enough + to skills to keep your IG alive, then you use him as an aura machine. This is such a go to that even when you are running Poison or Bone builds you still just use the Clay golem with a might merc just because that’s what everyone is used to.

My last run on a pNova necy I used a Thorns merc. When combined with a fire golem it took bosses down with ease. The biggest problem the PNova has is boss fights, but if the boss is always going to target the fire golem, it will do 4X damage to the fire golem, then with thorns hitting at 1300% damage returned of the 4X damage. This made it the fastest Diablo killer of any necy I’ve played.