Being left behind

The most frustrating part about the AVX nightmare is that while everyone paid for the game, however many of us that aren’t able to even load it due to the AVX requirement are missing out on the best part of any game launch – the beginning, where everyone is equal and you might be the first person to find some of the best items, or in the first wave of players getting to really any act, on any difficulty, even though it’s the same game it still has that new game rush. Yet here we sit, missing out on all of that, essentially just waiting to replay D2 with a graphics update since so many players have gotten through all of the game and have been farming for days, and at the looks of it, eventually weeks.

That’s pretty unfair, I know it’s not productive to play the blame game and all that, but there should be some way to at least balance the scales for the people who got left behind.

I really don’t think that’s too much to ask. I’m incredibly patient and very near sainthood levels at that, but even I can barely contain my frustration at this. It’s not even that it happened, because things happen and I was pretty lucky with the D3 launch, and it’s partly on me since I used to upgrade my PC entirely every couple years or so, but I haven’t had the need to in a pretty long time.

It’s that when we finally CAN play, we’ll be so far behind it’ll lose any sense of discovery and urgency. It’s much less fun to play a new game that everyone else has already been playing forever. A wipe would be a ridiculous request, but it would be nice to get SOMETHING to soften the blow on this one.

Testing the fix through early next week? So nothing for the weekend, and I, like many folks, have to work during the week and don’t really have so much free time… Sigh. Maybe next weekend.

The one positive of Diablo series, in general, is the every ladder refresh does a decent job of mimicing the launch.

Not the same and I do really feel bad for people impacted by the AVX issue but at least you’ll be able to mimic it on ladder 1 especially

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Yeah, I loved the D2 Ladder too because of the Ladder only stuff, I don’t know if they’re doing that this time as well, but it was pretty fun. Starting fresh and playing it from scratch just really gives you that experience you can’t really recreate so it’s really frustrating and depressing to be missing out on it, we all know how Diablo games end up when most everyone gets farming lol

Ladder Runewords are now on Non-Ladder and Single Player. Will anything new be put on ladder? No clue

Patience is a virtue :slight_smile:

Lucky for you guys the ladder is delayed.

You have not lost anything, the ladder will be launched only when all problems are solved and the game is completely stable.

Well yeah but a ladder season isn’t really the same experience as a launch, but there’s hardly anything anyone can do about it now. I remember there were massive problems with the D3 launch as well, a lot of people couldn’t play for at least a week that time too

The experience at the launch was pretty bad for the first 2 days.
There is no excuse that many people haven’t been able to play at all and still can’t.

I would be definitely pissed if that happened to me.