Barbarians whirlwind still doesn't do enough damage!

Barbs just suck all together now with the fhr animation removed and making zons have impale which can’t be blocked. And the fact poison zons can have over 100k+ poison and smiters are just OP. The player base at the moment is just paladins and zons… Most classes are unplayable now in PvP


yea for pvp after 1.10 barb suck
spamming teleport for a barbarian is really not my cup of tea

and now with the fhr gone leap suck , and leap attack speed still suck , my character run faster :roll_eyes: , idk what too say . people working on the game just have any clue what they doing and how too balance the game and pvp , so hope is very low


I agree completly. Barb is actually only a support char. We need more dmg to be somehow even.

Ladder is not old so they could buff us.

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Can’t even stun lock anymore with whirlwind. Don’t know why they would remove fhr animation. Feelike quitting the game now as PvP is dead and that’s all I do

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If Lacerator could activate Amp Dam while using WW, it would solve the problem. I don’t know why they don’t fix that issue.

Think you should get used to throw your lacerators to proc amp dam, then go in with whirlwind. You hardly need to spend any points in throwing.

You can also weapon switch to some harder hitting weapons. It’s a good way to mf in players 8 games.

Y’all serious? Barb can do ubers on budget gear with 1 point into WW. A decked out barb can easily P8 solo chaos or baal.

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Its never a good idea to MF on a barb in P8. That should be reserved for classes that can deal damage in P8. Like every class except barb. Barb has horking. Good enough for p1 solo farming.

Ww Barb is probably the best melee build to tackle CS since they can dw grief and lawbringer/azurewrath.

But yea p8 is possible but too slow. Best for mfing would probably be p3 for a ww barb. But even then a fohdin is so much more faster you’re better off using one for cs farming over a barb.

Duel Grief with Fort armor is the fastest ww barb to clear Chaos on D2R–3 to 4 min. Eth BotD TM is fastest playing D2 LoD. Use a Might merc with Infinity, Andy’s and CoH. That’s enough LL and the 5 x +1 skills boosts Might up to 280% ed. Switching the Infinity out for Doom boosts Might to 300% ed. Make sure you use at least 35% CB on Diablo. Don’t use skillers, fill the inventory with Sharp Gc/Sc of Vita/of GL Sc.

Sorry man grief/azurewrath is faster. Stripping the undead of their phys res is the same as decreping them. They die faster which means more hits on vile lords. If you wanna min max then you grief/azurewrath then swap to grief grief for big vile lord packs.

If you wanna be a big baller then throw a jah in the azurewrath.

Sorry man, sounds like theory crafting.

Can you beat this time?

They fixed sanctuary aura back in 2.4. You strip their phys res and get like 660% undead ed. Since it’s an aura, it applies to the grief.

The CS is like 70% undeads lol.

I look forward to your video proving me wrong. That clear was 4 minutes on players 8.

Don’t need to its just math.

Otherwise known as theory crafting by someone with no experience, aka lies.

Keep playing d2r as if its lod. K bye.

If you say so armchair QB.

This kind of debate intrigues the numbers nerd in me. I wish there was a way to measure actual DPS in D2 (aside from just calculating it on pen & paper math, as there’s a lot of variance going on in that game) so one could make a direct comparison of the DPS numbers (admitedly not a perfect metric as there’s a lot of statistical variance in this game). I find that tooling like simulators are hard to come by for this game. I should try coding some.

This debate is simple to prove and I would if I had the game downloaded and used Hero Editor for the items. Using the exact same gear on each barb, except switching out a Grief for an Azurewrath. 10 runs each would definitively show which sword combo is best.