Babarian Battle cry

to make this skill useful pls make it’s radius effect to be increased while we add skill points to it or this skill is useless


Barbarians as a whole are a little underwhelming. The pitzerker build is about as good as it gets.

It’s meant for bosses mainly

At level 26, Battle Cry reduces monster defense 100% and monster damage 50%. That is not useless.

Your problem is that you’ve yet to figure out how to activate it so it curses all the monsters in a group. That requires learning how to tighten up monster groups and then learning how to cast the curse in the middle of the tight monster group so all or most of the monsters are cursed.

I whirlwind into the middle of a group, then cast the curse, then start whirlwind again. It takes practice but it works near flawlessly and only takes a split second once you’ve mastered the technique.

When using any of the middle or right side combat skills (except Double Throw), first attack, then quickly cast Battle Cry, then attack again. And again, this process takes a split second switching between skills with hot keys.

So no need for the skill to be changed to make it easier for you, you just need to develop skill yourself.

And how to deal with physical inmunes? I gess the sunder charm doesn´t work fine.

Berzerk is a one point wonder for immunes.

But singer build is with out any Point in combat skills. Isn’t it?