Aura display bug after respecing with token as paladin

Occurred on PTR with the template paladin.

For instance, if the conviction aura is active, while using a token in order to reset skills, the conviction aura will still be displayed (it doesn’t has it’s effect anymore–>just displayed)

Switching to fresh skilled other auras do not cancel the displayed conviction aura, it stays…

I found two ways to get rid of it:

  1. Leave the game room and open a new one–> the wrongly displayed aura will be gone!

  2. Skilling the conviction aura again, setting it active and deactivate it, or switch to an other aura, then the display bug is also gone!

This behavior seems to affect auras, which are not shared with allies, like conviction, redemption or holy fire…

This bug has been in the game since D2 launched. The issue stems from when respecing, states are not reset, so any states active (ones without an expiry) when the respec happens will remain on. Auras are the only active states without an expiry, so they are the only state-related skill to observe this bug on.

Didn’t know that this is an old thing but there has to be more to it, because the bug doesn’t occur with might-aura for example!

Oh really? That’s interesting. I assumed it would be all auras. In that case, it’s likely only the radial auras (Holy Fire, Shock, Freeze, and Sanctuary as well as Redemption). Likely because they are the only auras that perform an active. All others provide passives as either buffs or debuffs.