Assassin questions

Few questions:

  1. Does Cloak of shadow reduced armor helps the phisical damage of corpse explosion of Death sentry?

  2. If I’m on Burst of speed, and then I’m cursed (eg. amp damage), then I cast Fade, does it reduce the curse duration or Fade has to on before the curse?

  3. What is the effect on bosses of Psychic hammer, Cloak of shadows and Mind blast?

  4. Is there a delay on Fade? It’s not in the description but there seems to have one.

  1. No
  2. Yes
  3. Fade has no effect on bosses, Mind blast does physical damage on them but the amount is miniscule.
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Thanks (and thanked). I made a mistake for #3, I meant Cloak of shadow, not Fade.
Added a fourth question :wink:

  1. Psychic hammer does minor dmg, mind blast physical dmg and cloak of shadows reduces their defense.
  2. Fade has got a casting animation. Only after finishing the animation fade is active.
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  1. Seems neither Psychic hammer, Cloak of shadows or Mind blast is good agains’t bosses.
  2. OK so when the fade animation is over, then it’s active and then the clock start to reduce the curse duration. I’m curious, do you know the difference beween fade and Cleansing on that matter?