[Assassin] Lack of endgame runewords

Hello all,

Many of you who’s playing our favourite characters knows the fact that Assassin is the most injured class.

We don’t have so much options for Claws (3 sockets)
Preferable on Runic Talons / Feral Claws because of their good speed.

What I and believe many of me will said is the fact we need NEW endgame runeword.

My suggestion here are to include:

  • Most important (Increase Attack speed). I can suggest 40% at least
  • Enhanced Damage - 330-400%
  • Crushing blow
  • Deadly Strike
  • Open wounds
  • Amplify damage (at least 10% chance to proc on attack), Decrepify also.
  • Mighy/Concentartion aura, Fanatism is also applicable.
  • 2/3 to Assassin skills
  • Attack rating per level (this can unlock a lot of stuff)
  • 50/75% bonus to attack rating
  • Adds raw damage like Grief (200-400)
  • Adds magic damage 300-500
  • -30-40% Target defense
  • Life / Mana stolen per hit (at least 8%)

Please not that the suggestion above not necesasry must be on that row/order and at once.

You can tell that most of these are already presented in runeword “Fury” and I will agree with that. The problem is that that’s not a specific Assassin claw runeword and second the enhanced damage is to low for a claw.

Share your toughts.

Thank you in advance.


Lol No.



Assassin’s definitely get the short end of the claw. I would like to see more endgame claw runewords as well. Make some that are for trappers with +x Trap skills and +/-% resist and damage to fire or lightning damage.

I would love to see some of the effects you mention put on a claw for MAsin.

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For Martial Arts sin I would like to see Ignore Target Defense on the list to consider.

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Totally an issue. There should be some claws that at least steer you in a direction like ups your claw ice DMG or beefs PHX strike or venom significantly. A claw for bladesin. Traps has always been good enough. Maybe a shockweb or fire blast one . Even making treachery more end game instead of mid would be helpful.

It wouldn’t add much, but I would like to see the ability to dual wield any kind of small bladed weapons with full skills compatibility.

Not axes.

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pretty sure +ele damage and -res to not apply to traps as they are considered summons.


some claws geared towards mele builds would be great for blades and even MA. That said we do not need anything over the top.
CB high ias, maybe a good At rat. boost and decent damage is all you’d need.

I feel that Claws for specific builds in endgame should actually be covered with UNIQUES instead.

Viz-Jaq’taar’s Desert Bloom (Suwayyah):
+1 to Assassin Skills
+1 to Shadow Disciplines (Assassin Only)
+1 to Traps (Assassin Only)
-+260-300% Enhanced Damage
-+20% Increased Attack Speed
-+15-1485 Attack Rating(Varies Per Level)
-+25% Deadly Strike
-3-6% Mana Stolen Per Hit
-+1-2 To Blade Sentinel (Assassin Only)
-+1-2 To Blade Fury (Assassin Only)
-+1-2 To Blade Shield (Assassin Only)

This would be a nice bladesin claw, while still technically worse than Death, Last Wish, Plague, etc.

And it would give us a new unique on an elite weapon without having to go to ilvl 85 to find one. It doesn’t have your + to stats like one would prefer, it doesn’t have a ton of crushing blow or deadly strike, necessitating you get it from elsewhere, it’s got plenty of AR to button up the attack rating a bit, but no % AR so you’d have to get it from somewhere else, but the IAS it has makes it useful for any build until they get something else, while still retaining decent damage throughout.

And, just like Plague in a Runeword, you can’t use it ethereal and still get to use Blade Shield. UNLIKE Plague in a runeword, you CAN Zod it, but it comes at the cost of not being able to add Crushing Blow, additional leech, more deadly strike, etc.

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Are you sure about Ignore Target Defense?

Please read the following below.

Ignore Target’s Defense (ITD) treats a targeted pet, normal or minion monster as having 0 defense when calculating chance to hit for melee and missile attacks. Thus only attacker level (alvl) and defender level (dlvl) determine chance to hit:

% Chance to hit = 100 * 2 * alvl / (alvl + dlvl)

User will always have the maximum 95% chance to hit when user level is equal to or greater than that of the target.

ITD applies only to attacks made by the user, including Blade Shield.
ITD on a weapon applies only to attacks (including Dragon Talon, Dragon Tail and Dragon Flight) made using that weapon. [1]
ITD does not apply to any of the following:
    Super Unique

I like the idea of having a claw runeword like faith with an aura and some of the stats. It would need to be expensive something like Jah, Ohm and Gul. But to be honest with the change with plague it will be really good for MA sins, no attack speed but will be nice to use.

In the end you are right they need to expand the list of runewords that can be used in claws 6 is not enough and only 2 are used.

Yeah I really want to start ladder with MA Sin. Started ladder with sorc so many times over the years when i was younger i can no longer go them. Also I play melee chars in other rpgs/mmos I’ve played.

Been playing single player offline on the ptr with the Phoenix strike assassin. She absolutely wrecks nightmare clears very easily. Go into hell and it’s a different story level 80 assassin struggling to go through hell. Lack of gear and runewords for MA sin mid to late level hampering my progression almost all caster builds can just slap on two spirits and clear full game easily. I suppose its the same for most melee builds to struggle in hell. I simply refuse to be a hybrid assassin melee with death sentry defeats the purpose of being a MA Sin. Having to run in and cast death sentry or pre cast it from distance I like the idea of running from pack to pack no stopping or using dragon flight to teleport to packs.

But other melee builds do have some decent mid level weapons and rune words but the sin does not unless you get lucky and find two bartucs early. Even then they do not have any IAS.


Indeed. If you are going in this direction to be MA you are MA, adding sentry… you are kind of pianist.
I cannot approve this one.

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It would be nice if they had some 2 socket claw runewords for warfists. They’re really underutilized and have the highest average damage.

A kicker oriented rw would be good too. No ED on it but lots of +elemental, + magic damage, crushing blow, open wounds, ias. Good on hit effects like amp damage/lower res/life tap, tornado, static, frozen orb.

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Black runeword in claws


while there aren’t any “assassin” end game runewords, assassins are just the least gear dependend character of them all, so it’s fine.

lmao we don’t need another grief in the game, thanks.

Not all assassins are trappers. MA assassins not really op at all.


MA are essentially casters too, their damage comes from skills. They just need + skills and chance to hit from their weapons.

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Although I have no opposition to assassins getting new good claw runewords. I do want to see how the MA assassin actually plays out with all the new changes. I think it might be sleeper OP and do crazy damage.


You don’t play assassins, ww assassins need weapon damage. You could have MA assassins that use finishers only that could care less about +skills. Kickers don’t don’t use weapon damage at all and only certain effects work with kicks, so it’s very specific what weapons work with them. I don’t know man, you’re offering opinions on assassins when you’re not even sure what the builds are.