Artic blast and twister

Who are thoe two skills in 2.5? I guess they’re still average at best but I’m curious.

well, not exactly pointless choice…
I did fiddle with it in offline when making a zoo druid, instead of goind vines + werewoff lycanthropy werebear maul and shockwave i decided to put 9 points in arctic blast 1 point in elemental armor, and one point in twister.

given zoo druid is a caster build you natively have lots of FCR, this helps with breakpoints in twister casting. thanks to arctic blast syergy of 9 hardpoints you have 0.9 seconds of stun that refreshes per each twister tick that hits a mob, given twister only costs like 7 mana per cast of 3-4 twisters, and attacks in a cone of 1/4 of the screen. Provided you can spam enaugh twisters mana wise you can efectively stunlock 1/4 of the screen filled with trashmobs. Stunned enemies get autolatically hit by my zoo, since their armor is totally ommited thanks to stun, and they take double damage.

Sure you could go werebear but it takes time to switch form , so it is harder to telestomp enemies, with arctic blast and twister, this problem is ommited, since you do not have to switch to animal form in order to stunlock enemies.
This improoves chance to hit for all your zoo, including ravens ( which otherwise could only gain boost to ar by levelup or by pumping ravens skill, which we both know is limited). Ravens do not benefit from auras but they benefit when the enemy is stunned, giving them a guaranteed chance to hit, the only other but far les effective manner is to take the rogue with inner sight skill. all other pets and your merc get the same guaranteed to hit effect, if the mob is stunned.

this works similar to shockwave, howver has the pro over it, since you can quickly telestomp another pack when the first one dies if you have enigma, no need to shuffle between forms to get teleport working. I don’t know biut it seemed more natural to play this way than to gimp myself with werebear form, and restrict telestomping