Are Legacy Diablo II developers irresponsible?

I think it’s been more than three years since it started.
It was when the Battlenet server environment started to deteriorate.

Both the CS team and the Tech Support team are aware of this.
But we don’t know if the most important development team is aware of this problem.

The problem has not been solved for nearly three years. And there was no feedback.

Classic Diablo II is likely to be closed soon.
The game, which made Blizzard’s history, will collapse with one minor bug.

The developers in charge may have wanted this.
So I think.
For them, this game is just a nuisance.

There was plenty of opportunity.
No, it’s not too late now.

Remastered games are fun. but
Classic games are also interesting.

But they want to get rid of this fun, this history itself.
So Blizzard’s history, Classic Diablo II, will be ruined by a handful of malicious users.

A few malicious users and a team in charge of neglect.
If this is today’s Blizzard,
Blizzard’s future only feels dark.

I think you already know about the bug.

If you read this one day,
Please solve the problem.

Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if game disappeared because of a small problem?

The developers of D2 are long gone. So you are talking to yourself about your problem(s). The current owners of Blizzard (it has been sold at least twice), with the next sale of the business being opposed by the US govt due to anti-monopoly claims. No idea what will happen, and not worried about.

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I know.

But Blizzard is lying to the rest of the users.
This forum is the only key.

Blizzard is busy hiding their incompetence and pretends nothing happened.

My goal is to terminate the service or resolve the problem.
I want to let the developer who will see this article one day know the insult and incompetence.

The “developer” was a bunch of Blizzard employees before 2002. If you think anyone at Blizzard cares, take your delusions elsewhere. Or share whatever it is you are smokin/tokin…

I think D2 is fine. There’s hardly any users left and the facet they kept the servers after the remake was released is pretty nice. Be careful what you wish for though, I think w/ out some things, there’d be far fewer user metrics which would justify closing our servers for good.

Blizzard has been very loyal and responsible to their users when it comes to operating its games regardless of whether the game is old or not. Their motivation/policy is that they will not close their game when there are users playing that game - which is an awesome mindset. This bug is pretty rare in the sense that it is not only an in-game bug, but it crashes the entire server for weeks(and becomes playable for a couple of days and gets crashed again) and the entire server is not playable at all. One of the things is that this game is still on sale and still claims the for online game play while Asia server is ‘technically’ in unplayable mode for ‘years’. This is a lie to anyone purchasing the game. The method of crashing the game/server is pretty easy. It can be spread to other servers like east/west/europe. People there simply do not know this method yet and when this gets there, everyone will suffer as well. This may seem someone else’s story but it may be yours some day.