Anyone ever try dual Schaeffer in Frenzy Barb?

I’m considering making a dual Schaeffer frenzy barb just for fun. I know it’s not gonna be as good as Grief + XX but thought it could at least be viable.

It has decent dmg and can proc static field and also gives MASSIVE AR boost with two of them. Put shael in both and then get a total of another 110% IAS from gear with 15 ias arreats, highlord, loh, nos coil, treachery will get me to the 15 frame breakpoint, which is still 2 off from Grief + XX but good enough?

Just wondering if anyone’s tried this or have any thoughts before I invest and buy 2 shaeffers and use 2 socket quests.

Assuming level 27 Frenzy, you will need to have 120 IAS for 5.5 breakpoint, the second fastest. At least as far as I can tell. The weapon comes with 20, so you need to find another 100 IAS. It will work for sure. Andys helmet with an IAS jewel can be nice when you try to reach higher breakpoints.

Another trick could be Mavinas Diadem, with a Jewel it gives 45 IAS, the idea is to pair it with the belt. The Diadem gets +1 skills and the belt 20 strength, alongside manaleech sorted. Also nice faster run walk. Which some might say is not needed on a Frenzy Barb. But try and save to 2 points in inc Stamina and inc Speed, to put in damage synergies. The combo might not be strong enough to compete with alternatives, but it is an option if you are 45 IAS short.

Best is of course the helmet less look.

If you like the Hammers and want to continue, then be on the lookout for a sad Bowazon that just rolled a 12 fana Faith bow for her Merc. Take it of her for a Jah rune to be nice. With 12 Fana you need 72 IAS to reach fastest breakpoint 5 attack speed. (Frenzy level 27).

I do this with Death Runewords in Ettin Axes, and they absolutely chew through in multiplayer games.

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Thanks for the tip felix, some interesting gear choices and alternatives. Rolling with a different helm than arreats like the mav combo could free up my armor since im essentially tied to treachery at this point…but its really hard to lose all the bonuses from arreats. As i mentioned above with that gear set up i can get 110% off wep ias and with shael in each hammer i can get close.

I didnt really think about using a fanta rogue merc tho…that would be really interesting.

How well do mercs stick with you when you are running around without enigma? I figure frenzy barbs would leave them in the dust constantly and you wouldnt benefit from auras as much

Fana Merc works really well I found, my biggest concern was surviveability but she survives very well with the Barbs BO. She catches up quickly or at least teleports, so I find that works well. Shifting from a Might Merc with Decrip, I realised how often I was waiting for Decripify. The Rogue merc puts yourself much more in the center of the gameplay, albeit you will have to kill most stuff yourself.

I am not sure we agree on the IAS breakpoints, you seem to assume higher IAS than I do. ARe you using the calculator correctly?

I was using the d2 planner on maxroll gg. Using the d2calc it seems ill only be one breakpoint away from max (4.5 vs 5 attacks/s) using 2x shaeffers with shaels in each along with an additional 110% from gear which doesnt seem bad. It does force me to use treachery unless i get more creative like you said with alternative gear or faith merc.

However i initially thought about doing this as something for fun and im not super rich to afford even a cheap faith bow so i might just roll with treachery. Honestly i just wanted to make shaeffera viable and fun bc i think its a cool weapon :grinning:

You got that idea from me (babun1024). Andy and Mavinas Diadem are useless on a barb, it’s either arreatz or gulli. You should shael one of the Schaefers and put it glove side = 40ias. You are missing 80. Put a 15ias jewel inside gulli for lots of CB. Then choose an unique armor if your choice and socket there another 15ias jewel(upped duriel, shaftstop, tyrael or leviatan), 20ias from LoH, 20ias from highlords and 10ias from nosferatu. Wear gores, you’re stacked then with crushing blow, deadly strike and open wounds. Defensive version is the same with arreat 15ias instead of gulli. Hammer class gets 1.1ed frim strength, stat 300 str for maximum pwnage.

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Haha have you done this before? I honestly didn’t know if anyone else really tried this or perfected a build around 2x Shaeffers.

So are you saying that only mainhand (glove side) weapon IAS matters in calculating frenzy attack speed and off hand ias doesn’t matter (IE no need to shael the off hand shaeffer)? If so then that’s good to know.

And based on the weapon speed calculator felix linked it looks like you’re right and all I’ll need is about 80% off weapon IAS to achieve max frames (with a legendary mallet that is) at 5.5 or 4.5 attacks/s.

I like the idea of more CB with Gface but so hard to give up all the other stats with arreats. If I go arreats i could go with duress and lose that extra 15% IAS which would put me at 6 frames or 4.16 attacks/s in exchange for an extra 15% CB. Wonder if that’s worth it and if that small loss in attack speed is noticeable.

Also didn’t realize hammers had a 1.1% ed bonus from str rather than the flat 1%.

Learning all sorts of stuff today. Thanks guys for the info.

Stats on arreat are nice on papee, gulli is superior in every way and no to proc CB, DS etc. you need the fastest speed possible. Going from 5.5 to 6fpa is lots of lost damage.

It looks stupid and you don’t need 100% Crushing Blow before it’s effective. To each his own I suppose.

Looks are for girls. He’d have 50cb with gulli on and only 30 with he had proposed at slower speed.

Barbs with Guillames face and 2 crystal swords often act like 16 year old girls.

We’re talking about hammers here. You seem to be concerned a lot by looks…

Personally i don’t mind the look of Gface on a barb. I think I’ll try out both gface and arreats and see how much I lose in kill speed. Most of time I play solo on bnet so I have a feeling monsters are gonna die fast regardless. I would be losing +4 to frenzy without the arreats tho which kinda hurts.

I guess alternatively I could wield stormlash + shaeffers but that’s kinda deviating from the build

Dual Schaefers offers more dmg. If you’re lucky enough to ever find an eth Stormlash with a good enough ed and Zod it, you’ve goid yourself the ultimate Frenzy weapon.
As for helmets and armors, just try yourself I guess. The second Schaefers can be socketed with anything. Upped Duriels looks ugly but lets you wear two very nice rings. Tyraels has got the sexiest mods if you evet manage to find. It is made for this build.

Yeah i would to have a zod’d eth stormlash and tyrael but trying to keep this build budget friendly :slight_smile:

I was thinking of going with upped duriels. Since it already has cannot be frozen what would you suggest as a ring choice? Raven still offers big AR boost with the raw ar and dex. Or would BK ring be better?

I also have a couple decent dual leech rings with +100+ AR and resists that i could use as well.

There are rare rings with resistances up to 120 attack rating, mana, life leech, life and mana. Look out for them. The more leech + attack rating, the better. Dwarstar in Chais Sanctuary is another option, it renderds venomlords harmless.

Yeah i think ill go with my dual leech rings. Ive been looking for a reason to use them since i got 2 decent ones both with 100+ ar and resistances and some other minor stats.

This barb will also give me an excuse to use some of my sharp and steel gcs.

Thanks again for your input. This kind of discussion was exactly what i was looking for

I have to say this build is 8 player capable thanks to static. I found a Ber today while running pits in an 8 player mf game with them. If you want I can show you ingame how it plays :smiley:

I would love to see but unfortunately i have a crazy work schedule and then go on vacation after this stretch of shifts but I’ll let you know when i can. Appreciate it!

I did 2x Shaefers back in the day. Before 1.10 dropped. It was amazing. Loved it. I look back on that barb still as a high point in ARPGs for me. I’ve actually been thinking alot about it lately, recreating it in D2R. I’m gonna install OG D2 when I get home in the morning and see if it’s all intact.