Anyone Else Curious?

Well how about this, when you join the game it immediately starts showering you with all the legendary loot and you don’t even have to leave town or fight anything. That would be a “feature” too.

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It means they launched the early development warp speed through alpha and beta testing to give us all a perfectly working product that nobody is complaining about.

when you fail to join a full game you get ban for 1 day


After twenty years, your featured update of the century will include a working lobby that allows more bots to spam and a captcha to prove you are not a competing bot.

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You mean trading? It’s already a feature in the game bud.

You are truly a master of taking things out of context. I can see discussing anything with you is a big waste of time.

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The last thing we need is new features.

Start fixing the game first, THEN add features.

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100% this, stop wasting time making the game “better”, because a broken “better” is worse than a working “lesser”.

Doubt it be ploot. Even though i would love that.
Hopefully they improve how the chat and friendlist work. Cause that rly need some work.

Out of context? Not at all. Maybe you could elaborate onto as why Ploot makes it so…

Please, really… elaborate on your nonsense.

They can make it an optional feature when you create a public game.

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This example was leading to my next point, D2 loot rarity is completely different than D3. Ploot will not satisfy individuals who are unhappy with the loot that is dropping, especially when farming for certain rare & high end items. This will naturally progress into them requesting blizz to increase the drops rates (already happening on the forums btw, but it will only increase post ploot).

This will only divide the gaming community because you will have significant amount of people who will only join ploot games and another significant portion of the community who will only join non-ploot games and whoever is left in the middle.

Better not be p loot, but gem and rune stacking would be yuge, so would loot filters.

A feature that doesn’t belong in D2 at all.

Ok, so let players vote with their feet, what’s wrong with that? Only a dictator, or a liberal, would refuse letting people choose. If a new option is a universally bad idea, players will simply ignore it. It is like “hardcore” or “ladder”. No one is forcing you to use it but is there for who wants it. It seems you want to deny players choice for your own totally selfish needs, whatever that may be.

i hope its gona be personal loot. so that public games eventually make sense

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Well, features may refer to very very small things… such as the one they mentioned about queue. We will know estimated time along with position in queue… they will call it a feature too.

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My “selfish” reason is it will split the gaming community, this is never a good idea and can lead to a game dying out.

Hopefully not ploot D2R doesn’t need it since you always have speedy mf farming solo and playing with friends in password protected games that promise to share the loot. Friends you know will keep their word without being forced to by ploot.