Anyone Else Curious?

Is anyone else curious about this stamement?

Especially the word

What do yall think these new features could be? Ploot maybe? :joy:


i dont wanna get hyped for nothing so i assume its just the missing lobby features.

somehow i’m thinking even this modest hope will be crushed.

*im worried about the fact that theyre tweaking queues instead of getting rid of them. when you put work on something its because you think itll stay a while :wink:


Ploot is not a feature, it’s changing a core aspect of the game. D3 already has ploot, why don’t you go play that?


It’s a feature bud. You can call it what you want in your head, but ultimately it’s a feature.


My guess is that it is social and lobby system revamp. it is the most glaring issue currently of the actual game (so not the server/queue issue)

Probably missing lobby features things like a filter for game names, making the refresh button work you know that sort of thing.

It’s probably a feature that takes a solid 15 minutes to implement, but the productivity this team pushes out puts the project at week-long affair.

I’m pretty sure the construction company in my city hired these devs.


They also give no date whatsoever. We have ‘‘features coming’’ doesen’t mean much when ‘‘coming’’ can be a week or a year

Well how about this, when you join the game it immediately starts showering you with all the legendary loot and you don’t even have to leave town or fight anything. That would be a “feature” too.

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It means they launched the early development warp speed through alpha and beta testing to give us all a perfectly working product that nobody is complaining about.

when you fail to join a full game you get ban for 1 day


After twenty years, your featured update of the century will include a working lobby that allows more bots to spam and a captcha to prove you are not a competing bot.

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You mean trading? It’s already a feature in the game bud.

You are truly a master of taking things out of context. I can see discussing anything with you is a big waste of time.

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The last thing we need is new features.

Start fixing the game first, THEN add features.

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100% this, stop wasting time making the game “better”, because a broken “better” is worse than a working “lesser”.

Doubt it be ploot. Even though i would love that.
Hopefully they improve how the chat and friendlist work. Cause that rly need some work.

Out of context? Not at all. Maybe you could elaborate onto as why Ploot makes it so…

Please, really… elaborate on your nonsense.

They can make it an optional feature when you create a public game.

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This example was leading to my next point, D2 loot rarity is completely different than D3. Ploot will not satisfy individuals who are unhappy with the loot that is dropping, especially when farming for certain rare & high end items. This will naturally progress into them requesting blizz to increase the drops rates (already happening on the forums btw, but it will only increase post ploot).