Amazon's casting speed needs a change

Amazon’s casting speed needs to be changed. Amazon’s casting speed is uniquely slow among all characters. There are people who say that because it is a warrior character, the fast casting speed is not suitable for the concept, but the fact that the Barbarian has the same casting speed as the Sorceress shows that this is meaningless. I don’t want to change it to the Sorceress level, but I think it should be buffed to the Assassin level.

Not all characters are designed to spam teleport and that is a good thing. Amazon doesn’t need faster cast rate because she only casts 2 skills: Slow Missile and Inner Sight.

What Amazon needs is faster movement speed so she does not rely on TP.


strongly agree with this


I agree with Wyrmheart!

Fend is pretty good now, but what if it also gave run walk speed, or maybe Jab but I think it’s a bit early game to be getting run/walk speed. Would make them even better in speed leveling ladder so I think fend is the better option. Maybe give it to the evade skill, some basic increase to run/walk per level that pretty much maxs at 20.

it would have to be on the passives, otherwise Bow will fall even further behind. Javelin is already miles better.

Then evade seems the best option, the others just don’t fit the theme of running fast.

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