Amazon Multiple Shot improvements have been rolled back from 2.4?

Multiple Shot is a very nerfed skill, it needs a lot of love. You give it a little love in 2.4, adding a sinergy, but now It is removed from 2.4 release notes.

Have you cancelled it? Please, give multiple shot a power up, it is extremely nerfed. Nearly no one is using it. Please, remove the 1/4 damage reduction like you did in Strafe. Now multiple shot amazons are extremely unused and everyone is using strafe or other skills. You improved strafe but forgot to improve multiple shot. Also, only two of the arrows get adds from crushing blow, knockback, etc… please solve that, every arrow must get the adds (like in strafe) to make this skill again used. Another possible correction will be reduce mana use. And another will be to give damage bonus like in strafe, up to 100%. Then, using multiple shot amazon will be again enjoyable in all difficulties.

EDIT: please, blizzard take in mind that when people sais “i hope they don’t improve multiple shot, it doesn’t needs improvements, i can clean cows in a few mins”, they are using top end super expensive equipment, and in other chars, you don’t need to user super expensive equipment to clean cows even more fast, like sorc, for example, or pala, etc… multiple shot clearly needs improvements. Make this game enjoyable for everyone, not just for rich people or for palas, sorcs… etc