Amazon Decoy failures

Every time I start a game I set Decoy, level 16. It lasts fine for about 19 sets, then bugs. Enemies one-hit it for 99 hits, then it behaves again.
My solution to this while Blizzard ignore it is to go to a lower level, Act 1 instead of Act 5, and keep casting and counting. Eventually I reach the 99 count and the Decoy then behaves itself. Then back to the quest I was originally on.
I don’t think it has anything to do with me having played /players 7 all game, and now in Nightmare Act 5, as I note other random posts indicating the same glitch. I have consistently counted the number of resets and it seems to be the same every time I restart the game.
Blizzard has been notified of this quite a long time ago. It is time Blizzard corrected this bug.

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