All golem helmet runeword

Looking at metamorphosis helm for the druid, i was thinking…

How about a runeword in a helmet, that allows us to get all 4 golems out at once, i dont think it would be OP or anything, none of them are really strong, but it would be an interesting end game goal for necros.

-it cant be a weapon cause they would despawn if you switch.
-cant be an armor cause then no enigma, and this would be end game so…

Maybe Cham Ral Ort, which gives some resist and cannot be frozen.

+2 necro skills
+3 summoning skills.
10 fcr?
10 FRW?, etc.
10 all res?

Maybe it could be say Ber Cham Ist or something like that, and allow you to keep the skeletons from game to game, making it a true endgame goal to chase after.

Something like that, let me know what you think.

Would it be the item the metal golem is made of, or an item for necro to equip in order to have all four golems?
I’m planning to make my golem out of Sacred Targe with 4sox and native 45@rez. soxed with 2x um runes and 2x eld runes.

The reason the golem is made out of a shield, is that when he’s made out of a shield he gains block chance as property, add additional block chance via eld runes. Block chance would work as physical damage mitigation Sacred Targe itself hives him 50% block chance based on calc, and eld rune counts flat for him ( he’s not dex block dependant), and um runes plus 45%@rez from sacred Targe and ~60% @rez from summon rezist, ould make him quad immune even if you apply lvl 25 convivtion and lvl 60 lower rez curse at the same time, he would still be quad immune, plus have over 50% chance to nullify physical damage.

I’m all for having Necro summon 4 golems. the question would be where do you plan to have the featured affix… on the iron golem or on the necro?

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But what’s the purpose of such golem? No aura, no CB, no slowing effect. Use clay, at least it slows enemies. Or use Bonesnap, it’s dirt cheap, has crushing blow and fire/cold res (IG is immune to poison and has 50% lightning res, Bonesnap adds 30 fire/cold res, so with lvl 20 resist all it will have 96/96/116/166 res, practically immune).

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I think to keep it simple, iron golem should work as usual, so you can make an insight golem for example, and if you remove the helmet, the other 3 golems (fire, blood and clay) dissapear leaving you just with the iron golem.

Somewhat similar to the way metalgrid amulet works now.

Maybe it could be say Ber Cham Ist or something like that, and allow you to keep the skeletons from game to game, making it a true endgame goal to chase after.

making him from a weapon without an aura is pointless… IG is going to die sooner or later on you, and the only benefit from insight is that it’s dirt cheap which it shouldn’t be. IG coupled with other sources of thorns like the act 2 nm thorn merc plus spirit of barbs could potentially dish out some decent damage, as of making IG hit something without additional aura and or curse help is going to be terrible, hence i see no point in making iggy out trash and recycle him over and over. i’d rather make him durable.

I have no experience with Necromancer and the expansion pack… the best i could do is beat hell on classic with a summon necro, and iggy was thrash there… he doesn’t even stay from game to game on classic…

Iron golem doesnt really die anymore when you have max golem mastery, and does some damage if you make the insight golem out of an ethereal weapon for example, it also remains from game to game and they fixed the bug that made it dissapear so its actually very realiable these days.

I’d much rather have a runeword for necro off hands that gives +1 to teleport.

also a small chance for crushing blow for minions. and deadly strike for magi.

and tacos.