ALL D2 Legacy EU servers (HC/SC, nonladder) are down for days now, please fix asap. Thanks!

All D2 Legacy EU servers (HC/SC, nonladder) are down for more than 3 days now, please take care.

Thank you very much!

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Unfortunately, there is no developer in Blizzard who manages legacy Diablo II.
The Asia server took two to three weeks to recover.
They know the cause of the problem and they won’t fix it. It hasn’t been fixed even after three years.

The server will be restored, but the cause will not be fixed.

Issue confirmed.
Same problems…

Is it possible to get that server reboot soon please?
Go click that green ‘fix it’ button, thanks.

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The issue is ignored, and I have the impression blizzard does not care about users.
The problem for more than 72h.

Is it possible that the New Year hangovers are overwith soon, and that we can have the EU/US servers rebooted and reactivated please?
Thank you in advance!

Can someone work in blizard?

no more service for D2 classic