Advice? Hammerdin + Act1 Hell + archers in Countess run = Dead

So, I’ve managed to get Act 1 Hell completed even though I’m only lvl 68. I’ve tried countess runs in Hell, and although my lvl and resistances still need boosting, my real issue has been encounters with Dark Archer elites or unique groups. Those SOBs have good movement AI and seem to know how to move out of my hammers’ path, all while flanking me and 1-shoting my merc, if not me as well.

I’ve already got Spirit on both main hand and shield. I think I should get Radiance and Smoke runewords to boost my Def vs missiles, but I’m still missing a Nef and Lum rune. Should I go back and farm those in NM, or is that too low for farming what I need?

Any other tips I haven’t thought of?

you just use holy shield and toggle on walk and turn 360 degrees and walk right by them, dude.

Defense does not work while running. Make sure you have enough dex for max block. Charge the archer to stun. Hammer away.

run from some elite archers, farm insight for ur merc. Honestly act 1 is ez compared to act 3 and those little freaks

Gloom armor
Darksight helm

Heart of the Oak has ravens.

Nadir helm Cloak charges

Hustle armor if running

you owe me big time, op.

I’m experiencing the same thing. I made it through Countess, finally, but on the way to the Cathedral, I run into packs of archers and they destroy me by the time I get enough hammers going to do any real damage to them. That’s MY biggest complaint about the hammers - it takes so long to get them started and built up. I’m going to try Bravata’s suggestion, but I really don’t like running away from mobs. Never had to do that with my Sorceress

the best way to kill those is to charge fast and then hammer. when you get enigma, tele stomp them hard :smiley: